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App developer salary nationwide

* The salary ranges are calculated from the job advertisement content and correspond to the standard market remuneration based on 2 million salary data records.
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App developer salary

Database: 11884 data records
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Remuneration statistics App Developer

Monthly salary (extrapolated to 40 hours)
- Min. - Average - Max.
1. Salary

As an app developer, the Germany-wide salary is € 3,939 per month. We determined this value on the basis of 11,884 data records that we recorded over the past two years. With regard to the salary range, it should be noted that the lower monthly salaries start at € 3,304, but app developers in the upper regions can also earn up to € 4,768 and more.

As with almost all professions, the location of the employer, along with many other factors, also has an individual influence on the amount of the salary. The average monthly salary in the northernmost federal state of the republic is around € 3,642. If you work in the south, for example, you can expect an average salary of € 4,227 in Baden-Württemberg. In this respect, it should be noted that the analysis of our data nationwide regularly leads to the result that salaries in southern Germany tend to be higher than in northern Germany. However, as is the case when comparing earnings in urban areas with those in rural areas, it should be noted that the cost of living often increases in line with salaries.

The table shows the salary as an app developer depending on age as follows

  • 25 years = EUR 3,502 gross
  • 30 years = 3,824 euros gross
  • 35 years = 4,184 euros gross
  • 40 years = 4,516 euros gross
  • 45 years = EUR 4,882 gross
  • 50 years = € 5,163 gross

Effect of company size on monthly salary

  • up to 500 employees = 3,604 euros gross
  • 501 to 1000 employees = EUR 4,060 gross
  • over 1000 employees = EUR 4,734 gross

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