Is it worth it to be an Uber driver

Make Money With Uber - Why Taxi Drivers Hate Uber

A few years ago, all German taxi drivers were in an uproar. Making money with Uber became possible for everyone. You only need your own car and you could transport people from A to B. Due to the Passenger Transport Act, the market launch was partially prevented. It is now possible to make money with Uber. You just have to pay attention to certain things. The current situation and all important information about the taxi alternative in this article.

Uber is an American company that has set itself the goal of creating an alternative to the taxi. Anyone who has their own vehicle can use the Uber app to become a service provider and transport people from A to B. According to Uber, wages are never less than 19.50 euros per hour. In Germany you can only become an Uber driver under certain conditions.

Can You Really Make Money With Uber?

Basically, a trip via Uber is set in a similar way to a classic taxi ride.

On the one hand, the so-called basic tariff is calculated, which is charged for the journey to start at all. At the same time, a kilometer tariff is calculated for the kilometers incurred.

The so-called smartphone taxis can offer lower prices, as the good networking also results in lower costs for customer acquisition. When the demand is higher, the app adjusts prices to motivate more drivers to take over journeys.

The driver himself is only remunerated for the journeys he actually made.

The driver has to bear the costs of the car himself. As a service provider, similar to a taxi company, you have to pay for the maintenance of your vehicle. The costs include items such as: insurance, depreciation, repairs and also the vehicle tax.

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Here you come relatively quickly to the question of whether you can really make money with Uber? If you are looking for a good opportunity to earn money in the short term that also guarantees flexible working hours, for example, within a certain area or region, Uber can be the right alternative for you.

Basically, insurance coverage through Uber also offers adequate protection and a high level of security. A passenger transport ticket must be available, which is, however, not very expensive in terms of costs and therefore pays for itself again relatively quickly. You get a passenger transport ticket after successfully completing a course in the respective city.

Requirements to drive Uber

If you want to know what the basic conditions are to drive Uber, you should read the next section carefully. First, you need to register as a driver on the Uber website. In order to be able to carry out this registration, it is also important to store a copy of your ID, a photo and the passenger transport ticket in your profile. The passenger transport ticket is simply mandatory in the Federal Republic of Germany in order to transport people in the commercial sector. You get this if you pass the local knowledge test. The cost is around 700 euros.

At the same time, you need a trade license in order to earn money independently with Uber.

In addition to these requirements, a car must of course be available. The car may be your own vehicle or a vehicle from a so-called rental car agency.

Uber has stipulated a number of framework conditions for passenger transport that must be met. This includes aspects such as that the car must not have any accident damage and at least two doors must be available on the passenger side.

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There are also different requirements for the different services. The so-called Uber-Green-Cars, for example, have to be completely electric. An Uber black car, on the other hand, has to be a current and serious, as well as luxurious car model. In order to be able to fully start the part-time job at Uber, you then have to personally introduce yourself to a specified Uber center / office in order to actually activate the Uber account and earn money as an Uber driver.

Passenger transport ticket is a binding obligation in Germany

In Germany there is a binding obligation if you want to transport people commercially, because you have to have a personal promotion certificate in accordance with ยง 48 FEV. When Uber started the app in Germany, it was still something of a small loophole that could be used. The government promptly followed suit and also made Uber drivers responsible.

Many former commercial taxi companies literally ran a storm against this innovative app and so some legal conflicts and disputes led to the fact that in Germany, for example, the availability of a passenger transport license is now a binding obligation for Uber drivers.

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Some of the regulations differ greatly between the individual countries. Uber drivers who drive and work in country-specific outskirts have to find out about the various requirements here in order not to make expensive mistakes.

Uber as an innovative concept with added value

Those who want to have a great and simple extra income can nowadays deal with many interesting possibilities. An exciting and relatively easy option to make money securely is Uber.

Uber particularly reflects on students who can work flexibly and have a car. In recent years, the company has repeatedly made headlines as a problem for classic taxi companies.

But the concept behind it is simply innovative and efficient compared to more conservative passenger transport options. Drivers mostly use their own car for transport in a certain area and in this way manage to use their dead capital in their own car profitably. The pricing is also very transparent.

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Uber's modern concept is supported by well-known investors

Earning money with Uber does not only appear to be a lucrative source of income at first glance. Uber only charges 20% of the fare. The driver receives the remaining 80% of the income.

In this construct, the Uber portal only acts as an intermediary between the interested party and the landlord / driver. The occupancy rate for Uber drivers is high. As a result, the company reduces costs on average by 30% to 50% in direct comparison with the classic taxi industry. The decisive factor here is the innovative concept that saves the customer money.

The idea behind the concept is the so-called sharing economy. Due to a particularly transparent price model, the end consumer or customer can see the development of the fare and receive an exact price before starting the journey. At the same time, the environment clearly benefits. Since consumers share a vehicle for journeys in this way, there are also clearly fewer traffic jams on the roads. Many well-known investors, such as Google, have and are still investing in the actual business model. Google was so confident that they gave the company $ 258 million, for example. In addition to Google, however, other investors such as Goldman Sachs, Toyota and Saudi investment funds invested.

Alternatives from Uber itself and from the competition

Uber isn't just about getting people to make money. In addition to working as an Uber driver, there is another way to earn money with the company.

About Eats

Uber Eats is just entering the market where Lieferheld is already active. Here restaurant owners can have their food delivered to their customers without having to set up their own delivery team. The customer orders online and the Uber Eats driver rushes over to deliver the delivery to the customer quickly and warmly. Click here to register as an Uber Eats supplier.

Mobility miracle

Wunder Mobility is the German equivalent of Uber. The app works very similarly to Uber. At Wunder Mobility, you must be at least 21 years old and have a class B driving license. One of the requirements is that you must have at least two years of driving experience.

In order to transport people from A to B, you have to have a passenger transport license. This can be obtained through the local knowledge test in the respective city. Click here to go to the Wunder Mobility website.


Uber is actually a great alternative to making money. One of the great advantages is that you don't have to buy an expensive taxi concession from another taxi company. It is enough to own a decent car. After the registration process, you can start.

In the course of the transport trips, numerous very exciting conversations and impressions can arise. You get to know a lot of new people and everyday life can be more colorful and interesting.

As an Uber driver you have all the advantages and disadvantages of a taxi driver. Paying doesn't make you rich, but it's not bad either.

Earning money with Uber is a very good additional income via app. Certainly also interesting for people who have a hard time finding a job as an employee or who want to be their own boss.

Make money as an Uber driver. The pros & cons


  • Good extra income.
  • Secure order situation.
  • Cheaper entry compared to setting up a taxi company.


  • In the beginning you have to collect a lot of positive reviews.
  • Passenger transport license is mandatory.

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