Is woke indignation culture dying


A remarkable process. For a year now, the entire cultural industry has been in a state-enforced quarantine. An industry that, with more than 1.5 million cultural workers, is around twice as strong as the automotive industry. Politics regards the latter as "systemically relevant", while culture is not. With fitness studios, casinos and brothels, it is placed in line with other "leisure facilities". "How can you throw billions into the front yard of individual corporations and offer ALG II to the event industry?" Was therefore already railing at the end of October by jazz trumpeter Till Brönner in his 6-minute video "Zur Lage" on YouTube. In it he was amazed at "how conspicuously behaved and downright overcautious" stage artists expressed themselves after eight months (at that time) about this misery, "although their very existence is fundamentally at stake".

This is ending now. For the first time, artists took part in a concerted action against the chaotic government policy. Actors, including some of the most popular in this country, protest against the government's corona policy. They do this in the form of short videos on a YouTube platform. With their means - satirical, ironic, pointed. At no point is the existence of Corona denied, not a trace of conspiracy mysticism. The criticism is directed against the excesses of a government pandemic containment policy, the contradictions of a supposedly “no alternative” federal emergency brake. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, sometimes less successful, so what? For example, when actress Kathrin Osterode transfers the government geeire with the incidence values ​​to the family area (over 100: TV and internet ban for the kids, from 80: no sweets, at 30: bike tour together - from 250 the first child becomes adoption released), then this parody is probably harmless compared to the real social collateral damage of the one-year lockdown.

Artists as useful idiots from AfD and “lateral thinkers”? If one no longer dares to admonish things to be taken for granted because one is afraid of applause from the wrong side, that shows at best that “the discourse has got into a wrong position”, the artists defend themselves. Rightly. The reflexive pushing into the corner, this damned camp thinking - even when it comes to satire - is once again evidence of an indignation in culture that has apparently even infected serious media in the meantime. Unfortunately even Stefan Niggemeier (“disgusting irony”) from “Übermedien”.

A work of vain self-actualizers? The arrogant action of a privileged clique? In the light of the economic realities, this accusation tends to fall back on most senders. In contrast to many of the criticized, who also speak on behalf of their industry, the outraged opinion makers are allowed to continue doing their job despite Corona. The performing artists, on the other hand, have been short of subsistence levels since the beginning of the pandemic. Even a “crime scene” star like Ulrike Folkers had to register as unemployed years ago in order to secure his pension entitlements. The celebrity factor of the action is at least causing public attention this time. A handful of extras would probably not have received this response. Jan-Josef Liefers ‘video was viewed 1.2 million times, the one from trumpeter Brönner got just 43,000 clicks six months ago.

As a reminder: Article 5 of the Fundamental Rights not only guarantees freedom of the press and freedom of expression. But also freedom of art. A small thing that the WDR broadcasting council Garrelt Duin (SPD) probably overlooked when he tweeted an employment ban for Jan-Josef Liefers and Ulrich Tukur. That he rowed back later doesn't make matters much better. As the actress Nina Gummich (“Babylon Berlin”, Charité “) says in her video:“ My advice for everyone who still wants to become something: Get rid of your opinion. No opinion is the best opinion! ”In the light of the ensuing wave of outrage, it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The fact that videos have disappeared from the platform does not necessarily mean that the people in question are distancing themselves from the content, said #Everything close at the weekend. "It can also mean that someone simply does not see themselves in a position to endure this shit storm or that family and children are threatened."