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Men's leather wallet comparison: the best leather men's wallets 2021

Welcome to the men's wallet leather test from HisWallet. On this page you will find all of the men's leather wallets compared by us. You will also find detailed background information and a summary of the most important purchase criteria.

We want to make the purchase decision of a leather wallet easier for you and help you to find the best leather wallet.

We answer frequently asked questions and give you answers to your questions in this guide. We have put together some interesting videos for you on the Internet. You will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to when buying a leather wallet.

the essentials in brief

  • Suitable leather: calf leather, cow leather and suede leather, horse leather is more rare
  • Often bought: landscape or portrait
  • Closure: strap or zipper
  • In demand: dark colors like black or bordeaux

Men's wallet leather test: the bestseller

1DONBOLSO® Wallet Vienna I Large wallet for men I Wallet made of leather with RFID protection ... 39.99 EURBuy from Amazon *
2Tommy Hilfiger ETON CC AND COIN POCKET AM0AM00651 men's wallet 14x10x2 cm (W x H x D), black ... EUR 64.90 EUR 36.30Buy from Amazon *
3camel active, wallet, landscape format, men, wallet, wallet, wallet in landscape format, ... 49.99 EUR 38.49 EURBuy from Amazon *
4Bugatti Lima wallet men leather - wallet men landscape format black - wallet ... 34.95 EURBuy from Amazon *
5Volmer ® men's leather wallet made of real leather landscape format # VO11 (Typ1 black) 14.90 EURBuy from Amazon *
6Volmer® men's leather wallet brown with RFID protection real leather wallet wallet used ... EUR 24.90Buy from Amazon *
7Volmer Black leather wallet made of real leather in portrait format with TÜV-tested RFID protection ... 19.95 EURBuy from Amazon *
8DONBOLSO® Zürich I wallet leather men I wallet brown I wallet for men with RFID ... 39.99 EURBuy from Amazon *
9Tommy Hilfiger ETON CC FLAP AND COIN POCKET AM0AM00652 men's wallet 13x10x2 cm (W x H x D), ... 69.90 EUR 45.53 EURBuy from Amazon *
10Tommy Hilfiger JOHNSON MINI CC FLAP AND COIN POCKET AM0AM00662 men's wallet 11x8x2 cm (W x H x ... EUR 59.90 EUR 39.99Buy from Amazon *

Buying Guide: Questions To Consider Before Buying A Men's Leather Wallet

Are you looking for a men's wallet?

Here you need to have a good look - at the size and also at the material. Leather is the first choice here. It is also crucial for everyday life that the closure is suitable for everyday use. For men, it is not the color that matters, but its suitability for everyday use.

Which leather is suitable?

It is undisputed that it is leather, which is very popular with men when it comes to men's wallets. Because, in the eyes of many, leather embodies robustness, durability and suppleness at the same time. After all, the men's leather wallet should be able to be pulled out of the trouser pocket quite easily.

Leather is considered to be the original material. It is made from animal skin and has a touch of luxury, durability and comfort.

It is especially popular for making a leather men's wallet Calfskin. This is considered to be of very high quality and robust. But also Cowhide is often used for the manufacture of a leather men's wallet.

These types of leather are considered to be particularly supple and resistant.

Tip: If it can't or doesn't have to be that expensive, a men's wallet can also be made of leather Suede leather be. However, if you like it exclusive, you should opt for a men's leather wallet made of suede.

Which size is ideal?

For many men, in addition to the question of the material, the space that a men's wallet should offer is important.

First of all, there should be classifications in terms of cash and credit card slots.

When it comes to size, however, another completely different question arises - that of Landscape format or Portrait. That is also decisive how much space a leather wallet offers men.

The Landscape format A men's leather wallet is also known as bidfold. This variant is flat and handy and can be opened with just one movement. A bidfold usually only contains a few slots or card slots.

The Trifold offers far more compartments, but is less flat and cannot be opened with one movement. The landscape format of the men's leather wallet is an advantage because it protects against theft. This is because thieves cannot directly access the banknotes in the back pocket of their trousers.

Men who don't carry their wallet around in their trouser pockets, but rather in a jacket or in a man's pocket or in the inside pocket of a suit, are in turn cheaper in the portrait format.

These men's leather wallets usually have larger coin compartments, but can also hold tickets, ID cards and driver's licenses, as well as business cards.

Swing top or zipper?

Especially with men it is crucial when choosing their personal leather wallet how it can be closed.

The selection is already versatile and consists of a clip fastener and a zipper.

The Clip closure With a leather wallet for men, however, it looks more romantic and playful - something the men of creation do not necessarily want to convey when they pull out their wallets.

The zipper however, it is very practical and effective and is also considered to be safer than the clip lock.

What color?

When it comes to the color of a wallet, it is truly a cliché that men supposedly love dark colors.

Therefore, the men's leather wallets are mainly available in black and brown. But some men actually go for brighter and happier colors.

That is why there are - even if only a few - models in the colors blue, gray or even dark red.

More and more men are bothered by the fact that men are assigned ever darker colors in fashion in general and also with accessories such as men's leather wallets. So choose a lighter color for your men's wallet - just be courageous.

Decision: What types of leather wallets are there for men and which is the right wallet for you?

The most common leather wallets for men are the landscape and portrait versions. The differences are mainly in the equipment and the number of compartments for cards and ID cards, etc.

However isQuantity is not the same as quality in the purses. High-quality wallets offer not only sufficient pockets, but also good workmanship and better leather at an affordable price.

Some manufacturers try to cover up quality deficits in processing and the leather by adding more features. If you would like to have a new model more often, you do not have to pay attention to the price. However, if you want to carry your wallet with you a little longer, take a little more money with you and pay attention to good leather and workmanship.

Landscape format leather men's wallet

1Frentree Simple men's wallet made of nappa leather with RFID protection, 12 card slots, landscape format, ... 19.95 EURBuy from Amazon *
2Bugatti Romano wallet men leather with RFID protection - wallet men landscape format brown -... 34.95 EURBuy from Amazon *
3Bugatti Lima wallet men leather - wallet men landscape format black - wallet ... 34.95 EURBuy from Amazon *
4camel active, wallet, landscape format, RFID, men, wallet, wallet, wallet in ... 49.99 EUR 45.14 EURBuy from Amazon *
5bruno banani wallet for men made of real leather, men’s leather wallet in landscape format -... 25.99 EURBuy from Amazon *

Portrait format leather men's wallet

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Maintain leather wallet effectively

The men's leather wallet is one of the most sensitive accessories there is.

Care is very important, of course you have to pay attention to what type of leather it is. In the case of a men's wallet made of suede or suede, you should above all ensure that no moisture can reach it. Water for cleaning such a leather men's wallet is taboo.

With calfskin or cowhide as leather material, cleaning light soiling with water is no problem.

In the case of coarse soiling, good cleaning results can be achieved with any type of men's leather wallet with a suitable brush with gentle pressure. Dust can be easily removed with a cloth on all types of leather.

Tip: With leather care for men's shoes, a wallet can also be looked after perfectly.

Leather wallets for men in the test & review

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