What are the disadvantages of reading literature

Compulsory reading in school

Compulsory reading in school. The advantages and disadvantages

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  • Literature helps improve vocabulary

  • Reading educates

  • Required reading as part of general education -> conveying values

  • Schoolchildren who normally don't read that much come into contact with books and maybe discover their pleasure in them

  • Younger people can be encouraged to read more, as this will help them to read and understand quickly in life

  • School readings stink

  • The school offers a space to exchange information about what has been read so that the content can be processed better

  • The spelling improves

  • Part of general education

  • They contain relevant social issues that are still relevant today (Faust) and are part of German culture

  • Sometimes you read something outside the box

  • Reading has positive effects on brain development.

  • Uniform preparation for the Abitur

  • One could offer body specimens at school and thus protect the environment

  • Reading is like sport, you have to practice it and therefore be forced to do it

  • Enculturation guaranteed, as compulsory literature conveys social values

  • The importance of reading is often underestimated, reading can be recognized as a hobby

  • You also learn a lot about the epochs, as well as authors who lived in that time.

  • You are forced to read a book and therefore maybe learn a new hobby

  • Reading it helps improve vocabulary, so you can express yourself better, lie better, impress yourself better.

  • also show you new world views or new perspectives, also apparently familiar

  • promotes personal development by comparing one's own thoughts or points of view with reading

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