How a girl rapes a man

The case shocked Munich. A brutal crime, happened in broad daylight at the end of June 2019 in the so-called Ami settlement in Obergiesing-Fasangarten in the south of the city. A sex offender with multiple criminal records dragged an eleven-year-old girl in a green area into a bush and there assaulted the child. When the 45-year-old Christoph K. overpowered the girl, he was wearing white latex gloves and a wolf mask.

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to imagine what the grimace must have looked like on the child. The horrific act, which made headlines nationwide, sparked a debate about the rehabilitation of sex offenders. Since this Wednesday, Christoph K. has to answer before the 20th criminal chamber at the Munich I district court. In a statement by his defense lawyer, attorney Adam Ahmed, he largely admits that the girl was sexually abused.

According to the public prosecutor's office, the 45-year-old electrician is said to have "observed and photographed the girl on at least one occasion" before the crime on June 25, 2019. When he assaulted the child, he is said to have only let go of him when a passerby approached. Before the 45-year-old left the scene, the 11-year-old was charged with threatening to kill her and her parents if she said something. He knows where she lives. But at home, the girl immediately confided in her mother and said what had happened. The police then began investigating at full speed. Less than 48 hours after the crime, 45-year-old Christoph K. was arrested. He is currently in the closed psychiatry in the Straubing District Hospital.

In his statement, the native of Munich admits that what happened cannot be made up for with an apology. "He would like, however, as far as possible, sincerely to ask for forgiveness." He wanted to spare his victim and his parents "a criminal procedural discussion of the crime". Just a few days after his arrest, K.'s defense attorney had announced that his client had "given a relentless, written confession in order to spare the girl at least an intensive questioning afterwards."

Even if Christoph K. makes a far-reaching confession in his statement, he still denies some points from the indictment. Among other things, he claims that he did not "come up with a plan" to sexually abuse the girl. When he took the S 3 to Munich on June 25, 2019, "he did not intend" to meet the eleven-year-old. He only made the "decision to act" shortly before the Fasangarten stop, where the student got out. At that moment he had "struggled with himself," said K. in his statement, and asked himself: "Should I, should I not?" However, why he was wearing a wolf mask - the 45-year-old defendant does not provide any information.

Christoph K. was most recently sentenced to four years and eleven months in prison for child abuse in 2010, but was not sent to prison. The court ordered him to be placed in a closed mental hospital. After that he was imprisoned for nine years. From November 2018 on, he lived in a therapeutic residential community in GroƟhadern. He was still under supervision there - but not around the clock. Doctors had sought statements from the public prosecutor's office on all the relaxations that were granted to him.

The report, which was a prerequisite for being allowed to live in the therapeutic residential community, was signed by four doctors. How it came to the fact must be "critically questioned", explained attorney Adam Ahmed. About what controls his client had to undergo. So Christoph K. was allowed to drive to work unaccompanied. Before the offense, according to Ahmed, his client also pointed out to those around him that "he is mentally not well". But nothing happened.