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20 videos, over 100 minutes On over 20 pages: large “Play 4” special section

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play³ | 01.2014 Playstation 4 | Killzone: Shadow Fall | Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor | Call of Duty: Ghosts | XCOM: Enemy Within | Tearaway | Tom Clancy's The Division


01.2014 / issue 81 / € 5.50

Big special at the start p. 25




The last great racing game

For Playstation 3! P. 52 • The most important PS4 tests: Killzone, CoD: Ghosts and much more. m.

• Expert advice for PS4 owners

+ Report: That's how the PS3 launch went back then

All videos in HD

+ HD picture galleries

+ Podcasts as MP3

Lightning Returns

Final Fantasy XIII

Also on the HEFT DVD:

Killzone: Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4,

XCOM: Enemy Within, Tearaway,

Call of Duty: Ghosts and many more m.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

NBA 2K14

Special issue at the start

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Germany € 5.50; Austria € 6.20;

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg € 6.50;

France, Italy, Portugal, Spain € 7.50;

Switzerland sfr 11.00

The ultimate gaming experience

New controller | Innovative games | Ingenious social features



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assassin's Creed IV:

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Battlefield 4



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play³ begin

PS4: One for all - all at one

One day before the editorial deadline it was finally there: our first Playstation 4

in sales version - after that, a state of emergency was announced!

If you read these lines, then the PS4 is already at home

- provided you have pre-ordered one. You can use Killzone: Shadow Fall

play, Battlefield 4, Need for Speed: Rivals, Injustice or Knack. You ask

you will determine why you are not going to each of the

mentioned title also takes a test. The answer is simple: we have

received our retail PS4 on November 21st, one day before the editorial deadline.

A so-called debug unit (a PS4 variant on the preliminary software

running) we had it much earlier, but we could hardly do anything with it

start - only the trial version of NBA 2K14 ran on it. The new

Unfortunately, debug consoles don't play retail versions

of games. And so, for example, Call of Duty: Ghosts was two weeks

lonely and unused in the dark, cold archive. Fortunately made possible

us Activision, Sony, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, the main ones

Playing PS4 games as part of so-called test events - better

than not having the games in the notebook at all. Have the crack test (from page 40)

Thanks to her for a nightly gambling marathon by Sascha. He

has the editorial internal battle for the Playstation 4 won. For the

We'll have to put you off to the next play 3 for the rest of the PS4 tests. Who

don't want to wait that long, you can find articles on Resogun, NfS: Rivals and

Co. on our website www.playdrei.de!

Thanks for your understanding! We wish you a lot of fun with the new play 3!

Thorsten, Wolfgang & the play 3 team

Article Quick Finder - for the impatient among our readers!

PS4 Special p. 26 Killzone: Shadow Fall p. 28 Need for Speed: Rivals p. 56

www.playdrei.de play 3 | 01.2014 | 5

begin play³

play 4


Splendid graphics: If a game manages to exploit the performance of the new console, it is the latest Killzone offshoot.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

play 4


Console Guide: All tips for operation or

for example, changing the hard drive of the console.

play 4


Playstation-4 tips to start with

Action thunderstorm: When it comes to bombastic moments, nobody arrives

Call of Duty: Ghosts over. We got the game on Playstation 4 are allowed to test.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

play 4


Trouble in Middle-earth: After a long time we were able to play a game again in

Experience the Lord of the Rings universe and take a first look at it.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

6 | 01.2014 | play 3 www.playdrei.de

play³ begin



DVD content



Lightning Returns:

Final Fantasy XIII


Editorial 05

Contents 06

Evaluation / team 08

InTeam: That play³- Diary 10

News 12

The Philosophical Quartet 15

Vik in Japan 18

Dates 22

play 4

play 4 home page 25

PS4 Tips to Get Started 26


Killzone: Shadow Fall 28

NBA 2K14 32

Call of Duty: Ghosts 34

Crack 40


Tom Clancy’s The Division 42

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor 48


Gran Turismo 6 52


Need for Speed: Rivals 56

Ratchet & Clank: Nexus 60

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 62

XCOM: Enemy Within 64

WWE 2K14 66

The Book of Potions 68


- In the realm of the giants 69

Tearaway 70

Playstation Network 72

How to Survive 72

Castlestorm 73

A-Men 2 73

The Wolf Among Us

Episode 1: Faith 74

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

- Mirrors of Fate HD 75

Blood Knights 75

Proteus 75

Star Wars Pinball:

Balance of the Force 76

Buyer's Guide 78


Special: Emotions in games 86

Flashback: Playstation-3-start 92


Letters to the Editor 96

Outlook / Imprint 98



Battlefield 4

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Ratchet & Clank: Nexus

Killzone: Shadow Fall

XCOM: Enemy Within

NBA 2K14

WWE 2K14

Skylanders: Swap Force


Flashback: Playstation-3 launch titles

Accessories Zoni: Unboxing Playstation 4

Battlefield 4: Comparison video PS4 against PS3





play³- DVD cover 01/2014


play³-magazine 12/2013


play³-Podcasts 118 and 119

Retro videos

play³-Show 06/2010

If while playing the

DVD problems occur

should try it first

on another device

(PS3 / PC) and / or sends

send us an email to [email protected]!

All titles in this issue

A-Men 2 73

Blood Knights 75

Call of Duty: Ghosts 34

Castlestorm 75

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

- Mirrors of Fate HD 75

The Book of Potions 68

Deep Down 12

Destiny 13

Dinosaurs - In the realm of the giants 69

Gran Turismo 6 52

How to Survive 72

Killzone: Shadow Fall 28

Crack 40

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 62

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes 12

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor 48

NBA 2K14 32nd

Need for Speed: Rivals 56

Proteus 76

Ratchet & Clank: Nexus 60

Star Wars Pinball:

Balance of the Force 76

Tearaway 70

The Wolf Among Us - Episode 1: Faith 74

Tom Clancy’s The Division 42

Uncharted 12

WWE 2K14 66

XCOM: Enemy Within 64

www.playdrei.de play 3 | 01.2014 | 7th

begin play³

The test system

Buttons, numbers, facts: that's how they rate them play³-Experts!

THE buttons






preview-Games that

only by download

are available

send with this

Badge provided.

Video ON DVD

You guessed it: this one

Symbol means

that the respective

Play with one too

matching video

our magazine DVD

is represented.


The German laws

worry again and again

for having games in this country


appear. This

Button shows you

point out.


Great thing: games,

the this bloody plaque

wear, come

Also in Germany

uncensored on the

Market - previously rare,

frequently today.

the test box


In addition to the packaging of the game (so that you can also get the part in the

Shop finds!) You can read the basic information about the game here: When

does it come out, who made it, who brings it into the

Trade, what does it cost and what age rating (from 0, 6, 12,

16 or 18 years) has been issued by the USK. We give the price

Incidentally, start with “approx.” because there are many different PS3 games

Dealerships are available at many different prices.


We judge every game in 5 categories: graphics, sound,

Operation, single player and multiplayer. There is a maximum

10 points, a meager 1 means: terribly bad! On

We dispense with mathematical nonsense formulas: The overall rating

of a game (see below) is not going to somehow

calculated using the individual ratings!


How good does the game look, what resolutions does it support,

is a 3D mode offered? Inform about these things

we you in the graphics area of ​​the box.


Soundtrack, voice output, screen texts and sound formats

are explained and evaluated here.


Move support, vibration function, installation size

and the quality of the controls can be found in this section.

Single player

Probably the most important category: How good is the solo experience

how high is the level of difficulty, how is it saved?


We see multiplayer as an individual component of PS3

Play - that's why he gets his own underestimation.

Private detective Diggs

Date: May 29, 2013

Manufacturer: Sony

Developer: Moonbot Studios

USK approval: from 6 years

Price: approx. 20 or 60 euros

Chart 7

720p 1080p optional 3D mode

Child-friendly visual presentation,

nice comic style with lots of details


Stereo Dolby Digital 5.1 PCM 7.1

Texts / voice output: German / German

Good German speakers, suitable effects,

typical film noir music

Operation 8

Sixaxis control vibration function

PlayStation Move: required optional

Installation size: no installation required

The wonderbook still works

impressively precise.

Single player 7

Difficulty level: easy (stepless)

Storage system: automatic storage

The story occupies a maximum of 90 minutes and is

a series of mini-games.


Online player: - Offline player: -

The criminal case of the broken egg Humpty

You redeem Dumpty alone (with the help of Diggs)

second player is not provided.

Pro Contra




DLCs ​​and add-ons

are ubiquitous.

If we have any

Test additional content

or imagine

do you recognize this by this


PS3 exclusive

Title with this

Plaque coming

exclusively for the

PS3 on the market -

Xboxler and Nintendo-

Players look into the



You have always been annoyed that everyone “Pro

& Contra “arguments in game books are always weighted equally

become? We also! And that's why we're breaking up with that

Gleichmacherei and award two types of plus as well as

Minuses. An example: "Minimal jerk" is just one

small annoyance, while "miserable control" clearly

is more important. This way you can immediately see which

Things are catapulted upwards or downwards

have torn and what things are good or bad,

but not earth-shattering.

Great strength

Good thing

Big annoyance

Small mistake

Augmented Reality works perfectly

Chic film noir story and atmosphere

Good, child-friendly presentation

Fair price if you own the periphery

Little playful scope

Very repetitive, sometimes stretched mini-games

Rating & conclusion



Adventure with repetitive




85 12/2013


Especially great games

with an overall rating

of at least

85 get from us

the coveted golden


OVERALL RATING (NOT calculated from the individual ratings!)

90 to 100 | Divine: Games with such a high overall rating

we recommend you unreservedly, you have to have played it!

80 to 89 | Exemplary: Top titles that we fans of the respective genre

AND recommend all open-minded gamers to buy.

70 to 79 | Pleasing: Good games with weaknesses in some

Disciplines - entertaining, but not terrific.

60 to 69 | Neat: If you like the topic or the genre

interested, this acceptable title is an option for you.

50 to 59 | Regrettable: Rough technical and playful

Blunders require the ability to suffer from you.

1 to 49 | Terrible: do we really still have to explain this?

Stay away from games in this junk category.

8 | 01.2014 | play 3 www.playdrei.de

play³ begin

The team

Our main actors - each an icon.

Thorsten Küchler // Editor-in-Chief Video

Currently playing: NO next-gen games

Currently listening: Todd Thibaud - Live

Currently watching: Hardcover, Django Unchained

And otherwise: ... from now on I will take all those in need

Animals - whether real or made of plush. The zoo of

Hamburg Bergedorf is hereby opened. Eric (see

Picture) is my first attraction - only dolphins, it will be

never give there.

Top title of the issue: Tearaway

Flop title of the issue: Need for Speed: Rivals

Sebastian Stange // Editor

Currently playing: Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force

Currently listening: Funny van Dannen

Currently watching: Hamish & Andy

And otherwise: Uh, it's uncomfortable outside. Is still

not really winter, but also by no means a golden autumn

more and it gets dark way too early. But dear ... then

I just bask in the light of the PS4 title. My console is

pre-ordered and while you're reading this, I'm already playing!

Top title of the issue: Tearaway

Flop title of the issue: All those wonderbooks

Uwe Hönig // Editor

Playing: Tearaway (PS Vita)

Currently listening: Hugo Boston - Reboot The Planet

Watching: Redemption - Hour of Retribution (Blu-ray)

And otherwise: The last few days were hell because it

had to be decided which of the new consoles to use

makes the race for me. Latest status: Xbox One, but the one

Stuttering in the review version of Forza 5 caused frustration,

until it turned out that there was a hardware error ...

Top title of the issue: Gran Turismo 6

Flop title of the issue: XCOM: Enemy Within

Matthias Schöffel // Layout

Playing: FIFA 14

Currently listening: Goldfrapp - Tales of us

Currently reading: E. Henscheid - Alright, anyway, exactly

And otherwise: The city administration helps me like every year

back to saving electricity in winter. On all street sides

The windows of the apartment (5) look more Christmassy

Light decorations. All I have to do is light until January 6th

switch on when I want to read at the toilet.

Top title of the issue: XCOM: Enemy Within

Flop title of the issue: Wonderbook Double Feature

David Mola // layout

Currently playing: F1 2013, Gran Turismo 6

Currently listening: Simon Phillips - Protocol II

Just looking: looking forward to December 6th. Then

brings the Nikolaus Gran Turismo 6, juuuhuuuu!

And otherwise: Many concerts in November: Katatonia, Lacuna

Coil, Gavin Harrison and a solo project ... And Simon Phillips too

his current band. A certain Andy Timmons serves

the guitar and really wanted a photo with me ... 8)

Top titles of the issue: Gran Turismo 6, XCOM: EW

Flop title of the issue: Call of Duty: Ghosts

Wolfgang Fischer // Head of Print Editor

Now playing: Need for Speed: Rivals, XCOM: Enemy Within

Listening now: Old Amon Amarth discs

Looks straight: Veep

And otherwise: Has been an ultra-proud father since the beginning of November

all positive, neutral and discussion-worthy side effects

(Nicotine withdrawal, lack of sleep, etc.) and is happy

already looking forward to parental leave in January. Naturally

also to then gamble through all PS4 starting titles.

Top title of the issue: XCOM: Enemy Within

Flop title of the issue: WWE 2K14

Sascha Lohmüller // Editor

Currently playing: GTA 5, NBA 2K14, FIFA 14

Now listening: Kill Devil Hill

Congratulations: Wolfgang on the offspring

Tried: those weird pizza burgers ... well.

And otherwise: Sebastian looks spellbound when testing Star

Wars pinball too. That thing has to be on my PS4! It will be there

then hopefully not eat up as much space as a full price title.

Top title of the issue: Tom Clancy's The Division

Flop title of the issue: various PS3 titles in flashback

Viktor Eippert // Editor

Currently playing: Diablo 3 (still great), Killzone:

Mercenary, Skylanders: Swap Force, Pokémon Y (3DS)

Listening now: Many game soundtracks again at the moment

And otherwise: Even if the PS4 will soon be in the living room

I already know that my PS3 still has a lot

Will run for months. On the one hand, I still have a lot of games

to catch up and on the other hand, umpteen appear in 2014

cool PS3 games. Need. More. Leisure!

Top titles of the issue: Tearaway, XCOM: Enemy Within

Flop title of the issue: WWE 2K14

Stefanie Zehetbauer // layout

Right now listening: Kvelertak

And otherwise: I'm stressed. Alone when buying tires

you never get the same answers anywhere. "205/65 R15 97S MS

102/100 T reinf. ”Or is it better everything with C and smaller instead?

Do I have an operating license for it? Meanwhile check

I'm doing pretty well, but that's just getting started !! You get

almost wanting to sink the cart somewhere that is far too expensive

To take the subway or to emigrate to a country without a TÜV!

Top title of the issue: Emotions in games

Flop title of the issue: Need for Speed: Rivals

David Martin // online editing

Playing: FIFA 14 (PS4)

Currently listening: The Distillers

Currently watching: The IT Crowd

And otherwise: It's finally here, the new console era! Indeed

I would have one or two game pearls for the launch

more desired. Doesn't matter - I'll be in the next few weeks

busy enough with FIFA 14 for now. That looks on PS4

not only looks great, but also plays first class!

Top title of the issue: Tearaway

Flop title of the issue: Wonderbook

www.playdrei.de play 3 | 01.2014 | 9

begin play³

inteam: The editorial diary

Monday October 21

Peter travels to Far Eastern Seattle (i.e.

far east) to see the

new middle earth game present too

to let. He also eats a lot

Sweets, look at big ears

on (?) and smeared his chewing gum

about 50 billion others to any one

Housewall (??). Peter ... take it easy

we worry about your hobbies.

Thursday November 21st

Fürth, there is a small editorial team

in the middle of the issue and has

actually everything is written so far.

Suddenly the postman rings. Just

once, but vehemently. In the luggage:

a brand new one Playstation-4 console (and

such a green plastic toy). Sebastian

and Thorsten then celebrate that

Unpacking what is unboxing these days

calls, and then set the console to Sascha

on the table so that he is in a night and fog action

quickly another crack

tests. It was worth it.

10 | 01.2014 | play 3 www.playdrei.de

high speed meets high score

now only

379,– € 1

including 2 years


in the call & surf tariff

comfort with vdsl

the duo for fast online gaming:

the excellent network and the playstation 4

Call & Surf Comfort with VDSL brings you with rapid upload

Speeds and short ping times with high speed to the next level.

More information at www.telekom.de/ps4

Telekom Deutschland GmbH, Landgrabenweg 151, 53277 Bonn

Playstation"Is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc." PS4 "is a trademark of the same company.

1) Offer only applies to new Call & Surf IP customers and existing Call & Surf customers who switch to a higher-quality IP tariff and switch from a standard / universal to one

equivalent IP tariff. The Call & Surf Comfort via radio and Basic tariffs are excluded. Promotion is valid from December 2nd, 2013 to February 28th, 2014. If you take out by December 31, 2014, Call & Surf Comfort is included

VDSL € 39.95 / month. Minimum contract term 24 months. One-time provision price for a new telephone connection € 69.95. Call & Surf Comfort with VDSL is available in many access areas;

individual bandwidth depending on availability. A suitable router is required. From a data volume of 200 GB transferred in one month, the transfer speed

Internet access can be limited to 2 Mbit / s.

begin play³


Announcements, news and inside information from the

World of Games - seasoned with the legendary play³-Humor.

Classic snake

Exclusively for Playstation

Character tribute

pays tribute to the PSone

Origin of the series.


“Cool bonus for them

PlaystationVersions. "

Uwe Hönig editor

Action adventure I meanwhile

it is certain that the prologue

Mission to Metal Gear Solid 5: The

Phantom Pain now actually separately

under the title Metal Gear

Solid 5: Ground Zeroes in the spring

Will be released in 2014. In this

Connection became known

given that the PS4 and PS3

Ground Zeroes versions

with the bonus character Classic

Snake will be equipped.

Clothes and look match

thereby the appearance of the hero

from the first Metal Gear Solid-

Episode. In addition, received

Playstation-Gamer access to the

exclusive mission "Deja Vu" in which

Classic Snake occurs. On disc

Ground Zeroes cost just under 30 euros.

The next-gen versions will be

only as a download for also

almost 30 euros appear. UH

Nice that Kojima Productions haven't forgotten

what system Snake has

owes today's size. In order to

is of course the beginning of metal gear

Solid saga on the very first Playstation

meant. A title with which Hideo Kojima

cleverly the technical requirements

the Sony hardware used to be a for

conditions at that time revolutionary game

to create. Also very gratifying:

Finally there is clarification about the Gewurschtel

about Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes.

When the main game will be released

is still in the stars, but

at least I get with ground

Zeroes a little taste!

Uncharted for PS4!

It's official: the series continues on PS4!

Action I The teaser trailer reveals a lot

not on the occasion with the Naughty Dog

the US launch of the PS4 the new

Uncharted announced. After all

two scenes can be guessed at:

South Africa and Madagascar.SST

Deep down

Sad news: the idiosyncratic PS4 RPG

will not appear with us at first.

ROLE PLAY I The action role play

Deep Down is about to end

exciting for several reasons: It

looks thanks to Capcom's next-gen

Engine "Panta Rhei" great,

it relies fully on an online connection

with co-op gameplay and

on top of that there are dungeons and

Random monsters for each mission

generated. Dark Souls meets Diablo -

and that with a bold next-gen look.

It doesn't like a mega-RPG of the format

be a dragon’s dogma,

It's always exciting. Drum is

it is all the more annoying that Sony is now

officially announced that Deep

Down first of all only in Japan

is published. Whether it is then

also localized for the western market

will discuss it

one currently still. Hopefully decide

one up for it! SST

12 | 01.2014 | play 3 www.playdrei.de

play³ begin

Speech output

"How awesome, I can see Michael Jordan's bald head!"

Colleague Sascha Lohmüller's spontaneous outbreak during the first minutes of testing NBA 2K14 on the Playstation 4.

Destiny Beta

First allowed Playstation-Gamer ran!

PS Vita TV

Import pointless: The streaming box is Japan-only!

Hardware I could with PS Vita TV

Sony achieved a great success.

The small box at a budget price

plays many PS Vita titles, granted

Access to streaming services

like Hulu, Netflix, and Music

Unlimited and can do that on top of that

Device PS4 gameplay through your

Home network to any

Stream TV. The thing

is therefore both a great entry-level console,

Multimedia box and

also brings benefits to PS4 owners.

On November 14th, PS became Vita

TV released in Japan, one sale

is in Europe or the USA

currently not planned. Meanwhile

first fans imported the thing

and found that it was just having

a Japanese PSN account

works for western gamblers

due to the language barrier

as well as the Japan store offer

is hardly usable. Annoying! SST

First person shooter I Plan with Destiny

the halo makers at Bungie

Studios a very large sci-fi

Epic that will tell us the next ten

To entertain for years. It sets

the team on a lively, themselves

constantly changing online world,

a brilliant scenario with one

idiosyncratic mix of science

Fiction and fantasy as well as one at

Borderlands 2 reminiscent class system.

Has been standing for a while

fixed: Who the shooter for PS3,

PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One

pre-ordered, may 2014 at one

participate in large-scale beta.

Announced for the US launch of the PS4

Sony proud that PS3 and

PS4 gamers get a head start

and used to be an Xbox gamer

Get access to the beta. How much

sooner that will be - just a day

or many months - remains, however



Amazon USA with PSN connection

Amazon stocks everything: books, games, films, electronics, and every imaginable

Bits and pieces! PSN games are now on sale in the US!

Online shop I The trend for

Games are clearly moving in the direction of digital

Distribution channels, Da fits

that the online

Shop Amazon in the US now

also sells PSN games.

The buyer receives a code

which he redeems on a console.

That sounds complicated, has

but two advantages. There are many

Users who do not have their bank details

want to register in PSN, probably

but like to shop at Amazon.

On top of that, Amazon could

in the future also special discounts

on PSN games. We

look enviously towards the USA! SST



Sony's console lays down

a dream start!

Hardware I That Sony with the

PS4 is on a good course, was

clear to us since E3. More clear

it was when Sony was at the game fair

gamescom proudly revealed in Cologne,

that the console already has

has been pre-ordered a million times.

But in the end everything went even better:

On the first day of US sales,

November 15th, were over

one million PS4s sold. That succeeded

no game console yet

in the USA. A real dream start

for the PS4!


www.playdrei.de play 3 | 01.2014 | 13th

begin play³

The new Playstation


We got the new one

Playstation-App downloaded,

to the

included functions

to try it out thoroughly.

Other I Since November 12th

stands the new one Playstation App for

Phones and tablets for free

Download from the iTunes Store

or available via Google Play.

Accordingly, supports the

App both Apple iOS and

Google Android operating systems

and allows after installation

on a suitable mobile device,

you guys with the PS4 and the

Sony entertainment network

Connect account. In connection

the smartphone, for example