How do I market school management software

Uli Dierkes wrote: ↑ Thu Mar 18, 2021 11:40 amFor systematic reasons it might be useful to add "Terminal issued"another note card"Device returned"Unless the issue is final.
The devices are transferred to the schools and loaned to the students who do not have their own equipment.

Society for digital education wrote: What is the difference to the DigitalPact School?
The so-called immediate equipment is a supplement to the DigitalPakt school and was brought into being at short notice due to the school closings. In contrast to the DigitalPact, the immediate equipping program promotes, among other things, the acquisition of school's own end devices that can be lent to pupils who do not have their own. The DigitalPakt tracks the technical equipment and infrastructure of schools in the long term.

It does not seem useful to me to note the fact that a device has been loaned and returned in a student record. And no, it is not allowed either.

If something needs to be stored, it is more likely to be in a library program. The lending persons are saved for the device (with the exact name, serial number, etc.). If a device is defective, it can be important who had the device before.

In my opinion, receipt should also be acknowledged. The good old index card could be used multifunctionally here
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