How do companies go completely paperless

A paperless office in just a few steps

In a paperless office, software is just as important as hardware. These must operate in compliance with the GDPR and also meet the requirements of the GoBD. It makes sense to use document management software (DMS). There are also open source or online solutions that are cheaper to buy.

It is important that the service will still be available in ten years. For data security reasons, cloud services should also use end-to-end encrypted data transfer. Box Business is considered a good choice and was specially developed for highly regulated industries. Small and medium-sized companies also get their money's worth here.

The use of OCR software for text recognition is also an option. This enables cross-document searches for individual text passages. This has a particularly positive effect on productivity, as time is no longer wasted searching through individual documents.

Finally, the internal communication should be digitized. In practice, it has turned out for many companies that e-mails are a rather poor choice for short communications. Slack, Asana or Skype enable short and reliable text exchanges. Here, however, it is important to look at the preferences of the employees and to determine a reliable service.

Many scanners come in a package with software for automatic text recognition. Alternatively, high-quality programs, such as the Abby Finereader, can be purchased at very attractive prices.

4. Implement digitization

The goal set at the beginning is difficult to achieve if the approach is too hesitant. Entrepreneurs therefore have the task of meeting the target date set at the beginning as the deadline. Even if it is very tedious to scan individual documents and, above all, to coordinate them, this step is essential. This also shows how well software and hardware solutions work together.

Here companies should also assume mistakes. These are human and completely normal when integrating new processes. It is therefore advisable to appoint a digitization officer in the company who is tasked with monitoring the archiving processes.

5. Develop routines

Once the paperless office is integrated, the benefits will be clear. Since this process will be new for many employees, they will have to redesign their work routines. So it takes time for all employees to get used to the digital approach. Therefore, managing directors should be patient with employees and discuss errors.

If a digitization officer has been appointed, it is also important to involve him in all communication about digital processes. Once everyone gets used to the digital office, the benefits will become apparent. So you benefit in the long term from the improved efficiency, more relaxed employees and remarkable cost savings.

No worries! With the routine, the paperless office becomes much easier. Even if digitization causes problems at the beginning, the individual processes can be implemented much easier after a while.

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