Why are Hapa women so attractive


Tenemos un equipo activo de trabajo y en lo personal existe amistad

Executive / ManagementWas working in production at HAPA AG at the time of the assessment.

I think it's good about the employer

Open team communication and the constant search for improvisation and improvement

I think it's bad about the employer

Aim to increase the percentage of interest in the pension fund
I propose a better infrastructure in the kitchen with a caitering

Suggestions for improvement

A company that manufactures printing machines for the pharmaceutical industry. A few years ago it had almost a monopoly and now there are more competitors so there is a need to keep actively looking for improvements. Not staying in the conform zone is essential. focus on developing quality products that meet customer needs but also set us apart from the competition

Working atmosphere

The team is very collegial and ready to help and support


The company has a good image, but it is necessary to stay active in order not to decline further and / or to improve.

Work-life balance

Our department head is very active at team events and seeks personal balance in every member of his team.

Environmental / social awareness

There is room for improvement in this area

Cohesion among colleagues

There is a very active collaboration in the team.
The collaboration between different departments could be better, but it's still good

Dealing with older colleagues

There are +50 or +60 team members who have just started in the company. We are all treated equally with respect - young, old, etc.

Managerial behavior

He is very open to all questions, suggestions and gives support within his timeframe.

working conditions

The working conditions are very good. A little more could perhaps be done here to attract more people or maintain their loyalty. It's a subject that can always be improvised


As in any business, there is always room for improvement. There are currently several internal and external communication systems that facilitate communication and enable timely response

Salary / social benefits

I think it's fair

equal rights

definitely. It is a multicultural company where we all have opportunities according to our skills and interests.

Interesting tasks

I am actively involved in the position and the description of my position, I find it interesting and very variable, which makes it very attractive to me.