Who are Yajooj and Majooj

Are Yajuj and Majuj (Gog Magog) people?

Selam Aleykum, Of course, nobody but Allah knows what Gog and Magog really are. Coming from information technology and electrical engineering, I would like to introduce my theory about what Gog and Magog (Ref. G&M) could be.

Since the previous answers eluded, a wall was built to keep G&M out. However, what I found interesting from the standpoint of answering the question is the material that this wall was made of. Iron and copper.

When we look at iron as a metaphor for magnetism and copper as a symbol for electricity, we combine the two metaphors as a symbol for electromagnetism. With my background, I interpret the Qur'an to mean that there are certain beings who will cause problems for mankind, but they can only arise at a later point in time when the electronic or electromagnetic technology that makes them possible comes into play.

Noah Hariri speaks in his bestseller "A Story of the Future" about a worrying trend in which computer algorithms are replacing humans in many areas of the economy, especially in the online economy. Man is slowly becoming obsolete.

So we're already seeing this trend where droids, robots, and software algorithms are gaining the upper hand. If these droids ever begin to develop their own consciousness and listen to the whispering of the jinn or sheytan, on this threshold we can say that they are indeed G&M and will take over the earth as they are much more intelligent and infallible than humans . Then only through the mercy of Allah will a savior (return of Jesus, Mahdi) come to subdue G&M and bring Sharia law to the whole earth.