How do young women prefer to masturbate?

How often is it actually "normal" to masturbate?

Most do it regularly, but not everyone talks about it openly. Masturbation is no longer a taboo subject, but when it comes to how often men and women actually lend a hand, things get a little more intimate. Is there a frequency at all that is considered "normal"? Is masturbating more often than average somehow unhealthy? And do men really do it much more often than women? You can get the answers here.

So often women lend a hand themselves

Most girls start masturbating during puberty. But even in adulthood, when many women live in a partnership or at least cannot complain in a sexual way, you can get satisfaction and relaxation with the hand or sex toys (read here why masturbation in a partnership is not a no-go). Sometimes a lack of orgasm during sex is the reason for masturbating - this is where women reach climax much faster (how you can get an orgasm with your partner, you can read here). However, for women, masturbation is less of a substitute for sex than an additional way of doing something good for themselves.

A survey by FHM shows that many women are reluctant to provide information about their masturbation behavior: 28 percent prefer to remain silent. The rest of the majority, namely 16 percent do it less than once a week - can we believe that?

How often do men really masturbate?

Especially during puberty it can happen that boys do it themselves several times a day. Although this decreases over the years, it happens far more often than with women. Old myths like going blind through too frequent masturbation are pretty ridiculous from today's perspective. Regular masturbation can actually be quite healthy from a male perspective: It is said to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

The difference between men who have sex regularly and the sexually active female sex is interesting: In this case, men are less likely to feel the need to lend a hand. It looks different when the psyche is down: Then the orgasm can provide relief. The majority of the men surveyed stated in a survey that they masturbate every other day.9 percent even do it more than once a day.

Is it unhealthy to masturbate too often?

In general, it can be said that there is no norm or benchmark for the frequency of masturbation. Doctors and sexologists agree: if you feel like masturbating, just do it. The desire for it is anyway differently pronounced in every person, and other factors such as lack of time or stress always play a role. However, solo sex can also help reduce stress and make you more balanced, as it releases endorphins.

We talk to sex educator Gianna Bacio about the benefits of masturbation on the desired podcast:

It only becomes critical when masturbation becomes an addiction and one begins to neglect one's social life or can no longer meet one's obligations. Even more than ten times a day can be unusual in the long run; in men this becomes painful anyway. Here one should pay attention to connections to a possible porn addiction.

Do you need a little more inspiration for your next solo project? In our gallery you can see which are the most common erotic ideas of women:

Masturbating doesn't have to remain a pure solo act. It can be very turn-on to watch your partner masturbate. Give it a try!

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