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Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo Jr. is the former Senior Field Agent from Leroy Jethro Gibbs' NCIS Major Case Response Team. Together with his colleagues: Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Special Agent Timothy McGee and Special Agent Eleanor Bishop / Ziva David he investigates and solves murder cases. He was born in July 1971.

Character [edit | Edit source]

He's a real movie fanatic and he's quite curious. He also likes to interfere in the private lives of others. He is almost never afraid, at least he never shows it. As with the episode The Joker comes out. He said, "I face reality and refuse to accept it." Tony shows his feelings more openly than Ziva David.

Family and childhood Edit source]

Tony comes from a wealthy Italian-American family from Long Island, New York.

He is an only child who, however, did not enjoy very many family privileges. His mother, née Paddington, died in hospital when he was eight while watching a movie with Tony. She went through a "Louis XV" phase when Anthony was five years old, this also inspired her to furnish Tony's nursery accordingly, which only gave him vampire nightmares. It is known that Tony had Sea Monkeys as a child, which his mother accidentally drank. Before his mother died, they were very often in the cinema and watched films together. After his mother died, Tony spent most of his time in boarding schools and summer camps, so he rarely saw his father. He became a cadet at the Remington Military Academy. Mr. DiNozzo Sr. even left Tony alone in a hotel room for two days because he had to go away on business The double Tony if Tony's father is in DC and you can tell the similar personality traits of the two, they both flirt with women and quote movie quotes. In the same episode, Tony also learns that his father is only pretending to be rich even though he has been bankrupt for years The sins of the father Anthony DiNozzo admits that even though his father drives him crazy many times, he is still his father and he loves him. In addition to his parents, other family members are mentioned during the seasons, e.g. several uncles, as well as Tony's grandfather, who bequeathed a number of shares to him. His uncle Vincenzo is a butcher on Long Island and is subsequently Head thing mentioned. Another uncle was a successful businessman, a third uncle named Clive Paddington was very wealthy but has passed away. Subsequently Package from a dead person he is mentioned by name, as is Crispian Paddington, Anthony's cousin.

Career [edit | Edit source]

NCIS Senior Special Agent DiNozzo is Leroy Jethro Gibbs' deputy and a philanderer who seldom can resist advances to a female colleague or suspect. He has Italian roots, which among other things in the episode A good patriot mentioned. DiNozzo studied on a scholarship at Ohio State University and played for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team there. He also holds a Bachelor of Physical Education degree. He also won several swimming competitions as a child and is also listed in the Guinness Book of Records for having the ability to do heavy work underwater with a single draft. He is a former cop from Baltimore, where he worked on the homicide squad. At the time he was engaged to Wendy Miller. She resolved this on the day before the wedding, as she did not yet feel ready for such an obligation. DiNozzo is an expert in ballistics and crime scene sketching. Tony is also fluent in Spanish.

During the fourth season, his girlfriend Jeanne Benoit (Scottie Thompson) is introduced, who, as it turns out in the season finale, is the daughter of the wanted arms dealer La Grenouille; his relationship with her therefore did not come about by chance: he was put on her by Director Shepard in order to get to La Grenouille. At the beginning of the fifth season he decides against Jeanne and for the NCIS team. After Ziva David joins the team, he only has "superficial feelings" for her at first. Over time, he not only develops friendly, but also romantic feelings, but he doesn't dare to open up to her. In the final episode of the fifth season (Agent at Sea), DiNozzo is transferred to the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). However, at the end of this episode, he returns to the Washington Field Office.

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

colleagues[Edit | Edit source]

Special Agent Ziva David[Edit | Edit source]

Tony and Ziva relationship

In many ways, Ziva mocks Tony, just as Caitlin Todd used to do. However, some aspects of Ziva's personality intimidate DiNozzo, such as the fact that she sleeps with a gun under her pillow or that she always sneaks up on others unnoticed. Tony and Ziva's relationship is something of a cat and mouse game.

In the third season, Ziva and Tony were sent undercover, while they pretended to be the assassins Sophie and Jean-Paul Rauniere and convincingly played the couple. Even the simulated sex was convincing enough for the FBI agents who watched Tony and Ziva to believe it.

In the fourth season, Ziva's father reveals that he had set a spy on her and that he had monitored her for months. The surveillance shows that Tony has visited Ziva at least once a week for the past 3 months. Eli asks his daughter whether she has become intimate with Anthony, but she still denies the question. In the further course of the fourth season it becomes clear that there is no romantic connection. The reason for Tony's numerous visits, however, remains unclear.

In a later episode of season five, Ziva encourages Tony to speak to and fight for Jeanne Benoit, Tony's ex-girlfriend. Although Ziva initially showed great interest in Tony's frequent disappearance at the time, - at first she was concerned - she thought he might be ill. Even when it became known that Tony was hanging out with his girlfriend, she upset Tony's secrecy.

Season 6 also shows signs of emotion between Ziva and Tony. Before Gibbs, they both admit that they miss the team and each other. Tony has pictures of Ziva (in a bikini) and Abby hanging in his room on the USS Seahawk. The banter (?) Stays the same between them. However, Tony shows astonishing interest in Ziva's vacation in Israel in the episode The wrong witness.

Tony discovers a picture of a man on Ziva's desk without realizing that it is Ziva's Mossad partner. To learn at least one sentence in Ziva's mother tongue, Tony takes a language course.

When Ziva receives a call from another Mossad agent named Michael Rivkin, she hides her colleagues to avoid questions. She also lies to Tony, who reacts curiously and does his own research. It turns out that the man Tony saw in the picture on Ziva's desk is Rivkin, and that he belongs to the Mossad. The question then arises about Ziva's loyalty. The fact that Ziva does not respond to Tony's allusions and only Gibbs responds when he speaks straight to her on this subject puts a strain on Tony and Ziva's relationship. During a fight in Ziva's apartment, Tony shoots Rivkin, who succumbs to serious injuries and dies. As a result, Ziva no longer speaks to Tony and tries to avoid him as much as possible. Rivkin's death triggered a series of events that called Gibbs, DiNozzo, Vance and Ziva to Israel. Ziva, who has still not forgiven Tony and also does not believe that Tony acted out of self-defense, remains in Israel while the others fly back.

In the episode The Joker says Tony, while under the influence of a truth serum, that he cannot live without Ziva, which means that she is very important to him.

Subsequently Like in flight Tony and Ziva are in Paris, where they are on a secret mission. You are supposed to bring a witness to the USA unscathed. Nora, the witness, senses that something is between Tony and Ziva; at first she even thinks the two are a couple. Since Tony and Ziva shared a room, Nora continues to allude to a connection between the two, but Ziva tells her that she slept on the couch. However, when McGee confronts him, Tony claims he slept on the couch. From a conversation between Ziva and Tony, however, we learn in the end that both lied. We will probably never find out what really happened in Paris.

Subsequently For Evan Tony and Ziva discuss weddings. In the end, the building is evacuated because of a bomb warning and the bomb goes off when Ziva and Tony are in the elevator.

In the tenth season, Tony and Ziva are in Berlin looking for a terrorist. The two dance in a club, and Ziva remembers her childhood. At that time she danced with her father Eli, who told her that one day she would dance with the man she deserves. After returning to the United States, the two are in a car accident. Before that, you can see the two sitting in Tony's car, smiling and holding hands - all of this happens a few seconds before a car drives into hers. The entire team resigns at the end of the season.

In season 11, someone tries to kill the entire team. Tony travels to Israel to warn Ziva. After months of searching, he finds her in the house where she was born, where she tells him that she wants to change her life. After this statement, Tony leaves Ziva in Israel and flies back to Washington DC. He gets the chain that Ziva always wears as a present from her.

Special Agent Caitlin Todd[Edit | Edit source]

Tony's relationship with Kate Todd wasn't exactly sisterly, initially with a touch of flirtation, but over time it has become more and more like that of a sibling. Tony and Kate were in constant competition.

Their disputes were subsequently Ways to fame so bad that at that point the two of them even sought advice from Ducky.

Subsequently The return Tony witnesses Kate's death; he is deeply shocked and stunned by what happened. Along with the rest of the team, Tony tried to get into the episode The duel (part 1) Coping with Kate's death; he even imagined seeing them. In his imagination, the two argue with each other, and Tony can't help but make some sexual innuendos.
Kate's death changes Tony in many ways, including growing up and growing protective of his friends and colleagues.

Still, the question remains whether Kate and Tony would have become a couple if Kate hadn't died, as one of the episode Kiss of death realizes how important they are to each other. Furthermore, the question of what really happened in the field of the two agents in Paraguay remains open. Also shows the episode What happened if... what would have happened if Kate had survived. This episode shows that Kate and Tony got married and had a baby daughter.

Special Agent Erica Jane Barrett[Edit | Edit source]

EJ meets Tony for the first time in season eight, the two are attracted to each other and start a relationship. In later episodes it appears that Tony is trying everything to keep the relationship going, which has rarely happened so far. After being tortured by a killer while her two colleagues are being shot, she escapes and then disappears. In the ninth season she reappears. After everyone has assumed that she will be killed, she disappears again. Tony tries to look for her but doesn't get any results. After her repeated appearances, DiNozzo has contradicting feelings because EJ let him know she was dead. EJ decides to move to DC as her parents also live in town. Furthermore, she speaks to Tony for the first time, albeit indirectly, about her future. However, she decides to let her old relationship rest and not to resume it. The two fall apart as friends. Her parting advice to Tony is that he should start a relationship with Ziva.

Other relationships[Edit | Edit source]

Jeanne Benoit [edit | Edit source]

He got as a result The man behind the order from the director Jenny Shepard to start a relationship with her, since her father was an arms dealer. Tony develops feelings for the assistant doctor and the two even plan to move into an apartment together. When Jeanne finds out that Tony is an undercover agent, she blames him for the murder of her father. When she later asked him if any of what was between them was real, he said no.

Agent Zoe Keates[Edit | Edit source]

Tony used to have a relationship with Zoe.

As they turned out to be Master of deception met again in an investigation, they have a relationship again. Subsequently The returnees Tony tells Zoe that he has not yet told his coworkers they are in a relationship.

Other [edit | Edit source]

  • Tony is a fan of the Boston Celtics
  • Tony likes to annoy the new agents
  • Tony watches the film "Isn't Life Beautiful" every Christmas
  • Tony likes cars
  • Subsequently With all honors one learns that Tony had a '94 Corvette, which was stolen, used for a bank robbery, and then wrecked while the thief escaped
  • Subsequently Buried alive you learn that he lived with Gibbs for a while
  • Tony's blood group is A + (Michael Weatherly's is 0+, which he remembers by staying "optimistically positive")
  • He owns two goldfish named Ziva and Kate Anthony DiNozzo's gold fish
  • Michael Weatherly has announced that he will be leaving after season 13.
    • The last episode with Tony has already aired in the United States.
    • He has a daughter with Ziva named Tali, whom he didn't know about until the end of season 13.
    • Last words from Anthony DiNozzo. I am an NCIS Special Agent my duty is to serve the United States and protect the Navy and Marine Corps across borders. I see my badge as a symbol of authority and public trust. I will lead an irreproachable life, knowing that my actions affect both my colleagues and our agency.
  • Subsequently Voyeurs on the Net you learn that Tony doesn't know much about Star Wars.

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