Why don't I trust my husband

I don't trust my husband. For no reason

Hello, if you have been betrayed you can understand
The following I was a lover, but only for a short time as I couldn't cope with it. He complained to me that his wife is dissatisfied and ungrateful, so an unhappy marriage.
At some point I no longer had my feelings under control and allowed myself to be physically active. Since we had sex more than 1..2 times and I was cheated by the ex myself, I couldn't deal with it. And put him under pressure, excuse his children ..
Then he went on family vacation, she posts a happy vacation photo, I knew he was kidding me too. Especially since I learned from a friend from a reliable source that he had repeatedly cheated on his wife.
What I initially saw as jealousy and thought the sure source wanted something from him. My collar burst and I then wrote him with this copied family photo that doesn't look like an unhappy marriage and respect hating cheating on two women. If he did what it was just because he didn't do what I said, then we both wanted it.
Unfortunately, I cannot send this wife a copy of the SMS because she would blame me and probably attacked me. At that time he was so convincing with unhappy eyes, even a friend confirmed it.
Since I was betrayed myself and got the book Beloved and the Other, I acted. He was cowardly gave me the passport, because he doesn't want his children to lose the house, especially since he doesn't want to lose the children.
It pulled the floor out from under my feet and got sick.
In all honesty, he was also a man who was often on business trips or then on the phone with me on the way home.
If I would have been really happy, probably not because he would have cheated on me at some point.
So enjoy with caution, see if you have a single girlfriend who should look at the single side.
I wish you the best of luck that he really loves you.