How do I win Fortnite without building

"Fortnite": We asked a ten year old how to win the game

The online shooter Fortniteis a pop culture phenomenon and is currently on everyone's lips, not just in the gaming community. The game has been on the market for a year now, but it only attracted a lot of attention through word-of-mouth and celebrities like Drake, who played with the most famous player.

The course of a round Fortnite is simple. We control a character that was initially randomly assigned to us and jump with 99 other players by parachute out of a flying party bus (!) To land on a large, freely accessible island. There we first collect weapons and raw materials for the construction of so-called forts. The highlight: The area in which we play is getting smaller and smaller - a storm is gathering - so that after about 15 minutes we forcibly collide with other players. Then there is building and fighting. The last survivor wins the game.

Hunger Games sends greetings. The game principle is called Battle Royale and is not new. Other games also use it, for examplePlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, shortPUBG, but none is anywhere near as popular as Fortnite, especially among younger players.

What makes Fortnite out?

Myself, 28 years old, went to theFortnite- Jump on the platoon, but still play like a real noob. Meanwhile, much younger players build and fight their way through the battles in a matter of seconds, piling up forts at lightning speed in order to hide in them and take out other opponents from the protection. You can tell: there is gaming experience behind it. But where does the enthusiasm for it come from? Why do some teenagers spend hours in the online world?

I met Max while playing. Max is ten and therefore the core target group of the developer studio. He's better than me in every way. In the interview he explains what the fascination withFortnite matters. Max, how many Fortnite-Have you won games yet?

Max: Not that many, just three. Once in solo mode and twice in a team. But it's really hard to win, it doesn't happen that often.

Can I confirm that I have never won. How are you at all about Fortnite came?

About my friends from school and the soccer team. A lot of people played it, told me about it and then I wanted to give it a try. About ten to fifteen friends of my age and my age play it regularly.

That's a lot. How often do you play with them and how long do your sessions last?

Whenever we're online at the same time, we play together, maybe two or three times a week. The sessions can go on for a long time at least for me. I can stick with it for three hours at a time.

Plenty of time to practice. What is it about the game that fascinates you so much?

Fortnite First and foremost, it's just a lot of fun. I think it's great that there are two updates a week that either bring new items like weapons into the game or new game modes like 50 versus 50 or the sniper battle. This is also my favorite mode.

Do you also discuss your tactics with friends in a team?

Sometimes yes sometimes no. I am looking for myself after I loot (Note: weapons and objects such as healing potions or building materials) always actively looking for opponents and then try to follow them. When it comes to a fight, I usually use the pump gun, fire a shot to destroy their fort and immediately switch to the drum rifle because that means the chance of hitting them is higher.

I always try to bypass opponents and stay unnoticed for as long as possible in order to increase my chances of winning. Which do you think is ultimately more effective?

This is a good tactic, especially for people who are new to the game. When the storm comes, I keep walking and ignoring opponents ...

... but in the end there is inevitably a showdown. What's your secret recipe there?

First I always build a fort. First a flight of stairs, then a wall in front of it, then it takes longer for others to destroy it. I'm always a little bit excited at the end, but still try to be clever.

What would you recommend to people for the first time Fortnite play?

Practice building! For this there is the playground mode, where you can build without pressure. If you can't build a wall quickly in the real game, your opponents will see you - and you will lose.

"Fortnite" is available for download on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android. The "Battle Royale" mode is free.