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Bali vacation cost

Before every trip, of course, there is also the consideration of how much the vacation will cost. If you are planning a trip to Bali soon, the question now arises how much your Bali vacation will cost. What expenses you have to expect during a trip to Bali, how much the flight costs and what Saving tips you can use on the go, we'll show you in this post.

In general, the price level is on Bali below European cost. In particular, eating and living in Bali are much cheaper than in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. At least if you eat where the locals eat and don't check into expensive luxury hotels. Otherwise you can quickly spend a lot of money in Bali.

Because tourism has long since arrived here and some of them are correspondingly expensive typical tourist activities. Therefore, we would like to list all the costs that you can expect during a Bali vacation. Let's start with eating first.

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Cost in Bali - How expensive is a meal?

When it comes to eating, the range of possible costs is wide. While you can dine very cheaply in local warungs, you give for them international kitchen usually a lot more. In addition, the cost of eating depends on how much which region you are Here it is like everywhere else in the world: the more touristy the region, the more expensive the prices for a meal. Below are some examples:

Is it worth cooking yourself in Bali?

If your own kitchen or a communal kitchen is available in your accommodation, you can of course also cook yourself. You can buy Asian noodles and rice very cheaply in the supermarket. Vegetables and meat also cost comparatively little. Most of the time it's a little cheaper if you click on local markets shopping.

Western products such as muesli, Italian pasta or Nutella, on the other hand, are a bit more expensive. In our experience, you can eat the cheapest food in local warungs and cookshops. The dishes here are not very varied, but the prices for Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng are unbeatable cheap.

When we went shopping, we even spent more on comparable dishes than we cooked ourselves. Even on the local market, we are at one with our purchases higher amount come as if we were just going to the Warung for dinner. We suspect that the local Warung operators get significantly lower prices for purchasing or know a better market than we do 😉

If you want to save money, you can do without drinks with the meal. Because often the drinks in the Warungs are just as expensive as the food itself. But sometimes you are lucky and a 0.5 liter bottle of water costs just 2,000 IDR (approx. 12 cents) even in the Warung.

You can get very cheap in Bali from Instant soups feed. A portion usually only costs 10 to 30 cents. However, instant soups are not very healthy and should only make up a smaller part of your diet.

Costs Bali - What do the accommodations cost?

There is probably the greatest leeway when it comes to accommodation. Because in Bali you will find super cheap homestays and hostels as well as expensive luxury hotels and unusual high-end accommodations. Anything is possible in between. In general, the accommodations in Bali are of a good standard, so that you can live very comfortably even in inexpensive accommodations.

You can find cheap accommodation especially in the tourist regions in Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Sanur and Ubud. The offer is large here, so that the prices are sometimes very low. In addition, you often enjoy a higher standard in the tourist regions. In local regions you can also often live cheaply, but in our experience the equipment of the accommodation is rather moderate.

In addition, the prices also depend a little on the season. In the main season, the accommodation prices are sometimes higher than in the low season. You can find some price examples for hostels, homestays and hotels in Bali below:

So you see that you can live very well and cheaply in Bali at the same time. In order to find nice accommodations with a good price-performance ratio, you shouldn't wait too long before booking.

Should you book your accommodation in advance or on site?

In our experience, you can find better accommodations if you book in advance. Even if there are many good and at the same time cheap accommodation in Bali, they are most popular accommodations usually no longer available if you don't book them several weeks or, even better, months in advance.

You will still find accommodation on site that suits you acceptable price offers a good standard. But from our experience this will unfortunately no longer be the best accommodation. That either means that you can find nice accommodation, but pay more for it. Or that you pay little, but the accommodation is not as nice as it could have been at this price.

Therefore, we always book our accommodations whenever possible several months in advance. We usually use for this purpose displayBooking, as you can usually cancel the accommodations here free of charge. In this way, you can secure particularly beautiful accommodations with the best price-performance ratio, without taking any risks. Most of the time you can even get the accommodation cancel free of charge up to the day of your arrival.

We have not yet experienced ourselves that the accommodations are cheaper if you book them on site or shortly beforehand. On the contrary. In our experience it was unfortunately the case that we waited too long to book and then our dream accommodation was either already taken or actually became more expensive. Therefore, our clear recommendation is: Book as early as possible!

On the other hand, the situation is a little more relaxed if you travel alone and “only” one Bed in dormitory looking for. Then you can usually still find good and cheap hostels at very short notice.

Accommodation examples - What do you get for your money in Bali?

To give you a brief impression of how much you get for your money in Bali, it is best to take a look at the following accommodations and convince yourself of the pictures and guest reviews display:

Costs Bali - How expensive is the transport?

Transport is also comparatively cheap on Bali. The most common modes of transportation are scooters and motorcycles, cars, taxis, and boats. You can calculate the following costs for the rental fee or trip:

Drive yourself in Bali (car, scooter or motorcycle)

To drive yourself in Bali by car, motorcycle or scooter, you need one international driving license. This is usually not required for rental, but in the event of a police check you should be able to show your international driver's license.

Otherwise you have to expect a fine. We were checked twice in Bali and never had any problems with our international driver's license. Find most police stops around Denpasar as well as in the south of Bali. In more rural regions and on the islands (Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan), however, there are no police controls.

Also make sure that in Bali Left-hand traffic prevails. The best way to rent a vehicle is to contact your accommodation on site. Many accommodations rent out scooters and motorbikes themselves or have good conditions from landlords nearby. You can pick up a car at the airport at the usual car rental companies or book it on site.

Regardless of whether you rent a car, motorcycle or scooter, one thing is always the same: the longer the rental period, the lower the costs. Hence, it is always more worthwhile when you have a vehicle for a week or a month borrow. The daily price you pay for a longer rental period is definitely lower.

If you ride a scooter or motorcycle, you should definitely get one for safety reasons wear a helmet.

Taxis and scooter taxis

Taking a taxi in Bali is very cheap compared to European standards. Since Grab and Uber are actually forbidden in Bali (but still work), we recommend you Blue bird. The taxi company, which you can recognize by the blue logo, mainly drives in the south of Bali (Canggu to Sanur) and up to Ubud.

The best way to book a Blue Bird Taxi is through the free My Blue Bird app. Here you can select the route via an integrated Google Maps map and see the estimated price before booking.

There are no Blue Bird Taxis in the rest of Bali. Therefore, you either have to switch to more expensive private drivers or to other taxi companies. Especially in the West and some northern parts However, from Bali you won't find any official metered taxis.

On tooNusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan almost no taxis drive. However, there are some scooter taxis at the ports that you can use. When using the scooter taxis, make sure that you have a helmet available for safety reasons. more on the subject Taxis in Bali You can also find out in our detailed article.

Shuttle buses and private transfers

As an alternative to driving yourself or using a taxi, you can also get around Bali by shuttle bus or private drivers. Shuttle buses are from Perama tour operate and operate between different destinations in Bali. If you are traveling alone, they are usually the cheapest alternative to get from A to B. You can see the possible routes and prices on the Perama Tour website.

If there is no shuttle bus for your route, you can alternatively use a private driver. In most tourist places, private drivers wait on the side of the road and talk to you about whether you need a driving service. They mostly call themselves a taxi, but drive without a taximeter. Therefore, it is best to have one before driving Negotiate a fixed price.

If you want to plan a trip in advance, you can do yours too accommodation ask to arrange a private driver for you. Each accommodation usually has a driver or may take over the driving service itself.

Boats and ferries

If you are traveling from mainland Bali to one of the islands or to Lombok