Where did you grow up 1

11 things you only knew if you grew up in the small town

How different life is in the modern big city and the idyllic small town often only becomes clear when you know both sides. Do you still know the good old bus stop?

1. Driving license at 18 was the ultimate feeling of freedom for you

Finally being able to go anywhere and no longer ask mum and dad: a driver's license means to finally be an adult. The feeling of freedom carried over to your parents, who were so happy that they gave you the old Polo for the 18th. Finally they don't have to drive you anymore and they can even let you drive them around drunk at night.

2. Annual highlight: the rifle festival, the village festival or the Easter bonfire

In the end, you were drunk there in the afternoon, so you didn't notice much of the festival. But you know for sure: everyone was there. And it was good again. Somehow some queen is always crowned there and a lot of beer is drunk. Really a lot.

3. Your neighbor always knew more about your relationship than you did

"Well, has he already confessed to you?" Someone calls out the window again. First you ignore her saying, later you find out that your sweetheart made out at the village festival. At the bakery you will also be asked about your flu and whether you are feeling better again. It all gets around!

4. The meeting points were bus stops

Cool bars, beer gardens or fancy cafés? Nothing! Alternatives are needed. You just hang on to the so-called buses until the last bus goes home. Here you can find out everything: who with whom, why and why butcher XY has now given up the shop. There was also your first cigarette here.

5. And what was going on in the party room?

Almost part of the equipment of every family house: The party room. First the parents' parties went on there, while as a child you had to go to bed early. As a teenager you took control of the party room and always had friends over. Once you've moved out, “the old ones” celebrate their heavy parties there again.

6. At night you walk on the street

Home in the dark? No problem! But sidewalks were completely superfluous - in the small town you walk home in the middle of the street. A car isn't coming anyway.

7. Everyone knows your family and therefore also you

Your parents, your siblings - yes, even your grandma and aunts and uncles: everyone knows exactly where to place you. Sometimes you are approached by complete strangers in the supermarket. “Aren't you Martina and Bernd's little one?” Uh, yes!

8. And you really know everyone your age

You either went to kindergarten or elementary school together or graduated from school together. Nobody slips through there - you are friends with everyone on Facebook.

9. Vegan diet? Minimalism? Chai Latte?

Do you now live in the big city and try to bring pseudo-trends into the small town? If you suddenly want to eat animal-free food at the golden wedding, throw away old memorabilia from the garage and suddenly want milk foam with filter coffee, you will probably soon be disinherited.

10. Starting a family? Is completed by 28 at the latest.

While your friends in the big city are slowly considering whether they are ready for a child at 35, your old homies are already married at 28, have two children and have just finished building their houses.

11. You really know the starry sky and sunflower fields

A treat for the eyes and ears that you only notice when you have lived in the big city for a long time: A real starry sky, the wide view of the fields and a feeling of silence simply do not exist in the big city - and it is somehow a feeling from home.