What are the practical uses of geometry

The Sacred Geometry of the Platonic Solids: The Cosmic Forms of the Five Elements and Their Practical Application in Life

The forms of sacred geometry, which are also known under the term 'platonic solids', represent the basic building blocks for everything that exists in this world. These platonic solids are tetrahedron (fire), hexahedron (earth), octahedron (air) ), Dodecahedron (ether) and icosahedron (water). The Greek philosopher Plato described the body in detail and assigned it to the elements of the Platonic worldview. The shapes generate clear, light, highly vibrating and structured messages. This light information of the holy energy is able to restore holiness - and thus also healing - in all things. It can also enable us humans to raise our consciousness to a higher level, to come into contact with the higher knowledge and thus to gain new knowledge or to develop skills to accelerate the light body process, to heal old wounds in energy fields to develop more self-confidence, to come into harmony with our soul purpose and thus also to develop more self-confidence. This innovative book introduces sacred geometry and how it works in practical use and accompanies the reader on an exciting journey to find oneself. It shows that everything that surrounds us on this planet consists of 'shaped' energy, of 'in-form-ation'. Love, healing, success, prosperity, and happiness are enhanced as we learn to understand the laws of sacred geometry and apply them in our lives.