What is remote developer

Remote developer from € 250 per day

Whether bridging short-term capacity bottlenecks or long-term team extension - remote developers scale your IT team as required. Outsourcing software development offers many well-known advantages. The nearshoring of IT services is a trend that has long since ceased to be an insider tip. With a reliable partner like Developer Lab at your side, you don't take any risks.

Remote developer for startups

The founders of startups rely on remote developers. The external software developers give entrepreneurs like you the security of bringing business models to market within set planning periods. You can rely on their know-how and compliance with all agreed releases. Whether web applications, mobile apps or e-commerce - remote developers for startups implement your software solutions using the latest technology. The freed up human and time resources enable you to concentrate on marketing and customer acquisition. As the client, you determine which steps external remote developers take on for mobile apps and e-commerce. The further development of the web applications and apps can take place in-house after the successful implementation or it can still be outsourced.

Developer Lab has access to over 300 highly trained and motivated developers. We need 2-4 weeks to launch your team. With regard to the composition, we are at your side with advice and action. The core team only works for your project. Vacation and sick days are not calculated. If special skills are required, a short-term team scaling by programmers with the required skills is possible.

Startups enable cooperation, dynamic growth and IT strategy to be agreed. Budgets and scheduling are realistically achievable goals. Planning security is an important point when arguing with business angels and investors. Working with a professional partner like Developer Lab enables you to make binding assessments. At the same time, the collaboration with the outsourcing partner benefits from your medium- and long-term strategic planning. The advice and resource planning can be aligned with the targeted goals.

Startups benefit from the expertise of experienced remote developers in software development. The collaboration partners have invested a lot of time in setting up functioning processes and setting up tools. Startups can save costs with regard to the acquisition of technology and the development of infrastructure. The nearshoring partner provides skills and infrastructure. If the success of the property is uncertain, you do not build up any excess personnel. Conversely, undercapacities, e.g. B. due to unexpected high customer demand, can be compensated flexibly. The internal software developers of the startups benefit from the professional structures and acquire valuable knowledge by working with the outsourcing partner. If a team member changes at the outsourcing partner, the exchange with a specialist with comparable skills is easy. English as the language of communication, video conferences and barely perceptible cultural differences ensure that all external team members work together well.

Remote developer for scaleups

The advantages of using remote developers for scale-ups are analogous to startups. The technology-driven companies are growing disproportionately fast. Your needs for external know-how are becoming more urgent. The competitive pressure is high. Due to the shortage of skilled workers, it is difficult for scale-ups to find talented software developers with the necessary skills within a reasonable period of time. The cost of recruiting is high. The addition of human resources via the Developer Lab enables short- and long-term capacity increases - also as an extension for existing remote teams in other countries. The team expansion by remote developers for scale ups takes place smoothly through the adoption of established organizational models. The scale-up can concentrate on its core competencies and employ employees in other areas of the company as a basis for sustainable growth and the achievement of the company's ambitious goals.

Scaleups make use of the services of remote developers in software development. Depending on the size and performance of the internal IT department, all stages of a project including planning, programming, quality assurance and testing can be outsourced. The combination of in-house development and outsourcing enables effective controlling.

Experts from every department - project managers, product owners, scrum masters, software engineers, UI / UX designers, mobile developers, quality assurance, business analytics or solution architects - complement the existing teams. There are also specialists for every common programming language. In the front end there are Angular, React, Vue JS, NodeJS and in the back end PHP, JAVA, Dot.Net. Remote developers for mobile apps are proficient in Android, iOS, React Native and Flutter. ScaleUps and established companies need the know-how of our specialists in Python, C ++ and Ruby. Do you need special, unlisted skills for your project? No problem - we will organize it.

The talented remote developers provide outstanding services and develop creative solutions thanks to the Skaleups' high willingness to innovate. Developer and client benefit from a high level of satisfaction on both sides.

When comparing the price-performance ratio for team scaling, the decision is made in favor of an experienced partner such as Developer Lab. Our excellent service is convincing. An important argument that speaks against domestic freelancers and software houses are the advantages of the long-term availability of remote developers in nearby countries. Know-how once achieved is not lost. The availability of knowledge is a fundamental prerequisite for the rapid growth of scale-ups.

Team expansion with remote developers

If you have an existing IT department and need additional resources, we will scale your team. Junior developers, professional developers and senior developers with professional experience between at least one and six years are available to you within a short period of time. They bring exactly the skills you need to get ahead with your project. The flexible booking of know-how enables you to work through old IT problems and tackle new projects. Many companies need remote e-commerce developers to build digital sales channels.

In traditional companies there is a negative attitude towards outsourcing. The common fear that in-house knowledge will leak out plays almost no role in practice. Data protection, property rights and confidentiality are comprehensively secured by contract. The external developers are excellently trained and have project experience from a wide variety of industries. You know best practices and provide valuable input through your skills. The remote developers respond flexibly to different organizational models. As soon as the communication has become established, the external developers are often treated like their own team members. Only that they are not based at your company's location, but in Romania, for example. Regardless of the size of the team extension, the tour remains with you as the client. Good communication and documentation of the software ensure transparency and long-term independence from us as an outsourcing agent.

The small time difference is important for the decision in favor of nearshoring. Video conferences can be scheduled at any time without having to consider time differences. Work attitudes and communication habits are comparable. Should a personal exchange be necessary spontaneously, the local distance can be bridged within an appropriate time and financial framework.

Own development team in 2-4 weeks

If you don't have your own developers, we'll put your team together for you in 2-4 weeks. This affects startups as well as small, medium and large established companies that have not yet had a noteworthy IT department of their own. If a project is limited in time, it is not worth building up your own development capacities. In addition, experienced IT specialists have permanent positions and are less willing to switch.

The digitization of business and production processes is the basis for growth. Whether mobile app or workflow-based system - the programming of individual software enables optimal support of the value chain of your company. Each software developed by your team is tailored to the specific requirements of your company. Remote developers for e-commerce support you in introducing digital sales channels and establishing additional business models that make you independent of stationary sales. The connection to the interfaces of standard software and existing individual software enables your employees to have a smooth workflow.

Do you need your own core team with excellent software developers who are flexibly available to you over a long period of time? Integrate it firmly into your organization. According to the appended team approach, you can scale your team at any time with the skills you need and look forward to future growth challenges with confidence.

Are you planning to expand your team due to existing or foreseeable capacity bottlenecks? A large number of customers have trusted us for years. Convince yourself of our references and our reliability. Get in touch with us. We are at your disposal for a non-binding consultation.