How do professionals do household cleaning

Price radar window cleaning

Example calculation: 80 square meters of glass are built into a house. 20 square meters can only be reached from the outside via a high ladder. The following options are possible:

  1. Cleaning of all windows by a professional.
  2. The professional only takes care of cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of 20 square meters.
  3. The cleaning service cleans 80 square meters inside and out. 20 square meters from the inside, professional 20 square meters from the outside. Cleaning service also cleans 100 square meters of living space.

The following breaks down the costs for the three scenarios mentioned:

Window cleaning: costs at a glance

optionPrice per m²surfacecosts
Option 12 – 3 €160 m²320 - 480 €
Option 24 – 6 €20 m²80 – 120 €
Option 31 – 1,50 €100m²100 - 150 €
4 – 6 €20 m²80 – 120 €
2 – 3 €100m²200 – 300 €
Sum of option 3:380 – 570 €


Note: Options two and three are usually only possible if the homeowner signs a contract with the window cleaner for regular window cleaning. Some companies also require a surcharge for small orders.

The cost of cleaning windows in detail

The cleaning companies provide the tools and cleaning products for window cleaning. Under certain circumstances, however, the client must provide appropriate climbing aids if windows are extremely difficult to access. But these are mostly part of the building.

Usual prices for window cleaning

For private households with normally accessible windows, it does not have to be a professional cleaning company. Cleaning services who offer semi-skilled household cleaning staff also take care of window cleaning. These companies clean a square meter of glass inside and out for 1 to 1.50 euros. However, the prices usually only apply if cleaning of the apartment is also booked.

Professionals charge two to four euros per square meter. You calculate this amount for the interior and exterior cleaning. If the glass surfaces are very difficult to reach, the price can climb up to six euros per square meter. These companies usually require a minimum order size.

Things to note when commissioning a window cleaning

Clients have to define exactly which work has to be done. This also applies to the quality and scope of the work.

This is how professionals work when cleaning windows

Companies specializing in window cleaning usually ensure streak-free and shiny glass surfaces. For these companies, however, it is not a matter of course that they also clean the frames. It is customary in the industry to precisely define orders. Example: cleaning glass surfaces from the inside and outside, cleaning the frame from the outside.

The professional cleans the outer surfaces of windows faster if he cleans them from the outside. Therefore, it costs a surcharge if he has to clean these surfaces from the inside.


For cleaning services that do not specialize in windows, window cleaning is an additional service. As a rule, they only provide this if the cleaning of apartments or the cleaning of stairwells is also outsourced.

Since uniform utilization is important for the companies, they offer special prices if clients decide to arrange regular cleaning. It is common here that not all surfaces have to be cleaned with every cleaning cycle.

Window cleaning by general cleaning services

General cleaning companies usually only take over the window cleaning within a normal household framework. This means that the areas must be accessible without acrobatic performance. These companies do not clean outside surfaces unless they can be easily reached from inside.

Clients should also assume that smaller streaks will remain or that some dirt will remain at the corners.

Window cleaning is an additional service for cleaning services. As a rule, they only provide this if the cleaning of apartments or the cleaning of stairwells is also outsourced.

Checklist for professional window cleaning

Planning the order:
  • Think about what exactly needs to be cleaned (glass inside / outside, frame inside / outside, window sills).
  • Measure the size of the area to be cleaned.
  • Determine the material of the frame.
  • Make a decision between a cleaning company and a professional window cleaner.
Select company for window cleaning:
  • Write out work with the determined data.
  • Compare offers.
  • Possibly have a conversation with the selected companies.
  • Place an order.
  • To fix an appointent.
Final measures:
  • Allow access to the window areas and to the water.
  • Control of the cleaned surfaces.
  • Check whether something has been damaged or soiled during cleaning.