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Due to the sometimes large differences in the Manners and customs different cultures you should always be prepared as a guest in another country so as not to humiliate the locals or to treat them disrespectfully. So that you can easily spend a nice vacation, I have put together a few facts for you. So let's get to the bottom of the phrase “different countries, different customs”!

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Yes or no?

Russia - Colorful flowers and long toasts

Do you like to give away flowers for a suitable occasion? Then you should be particularly careful when buying a bouquet in Russia, because here you only give flowers in odd number. Why? Quite simply, an even number of flowers is usually only given away at funerals and is therefore associated with bereavement. But be careful with the color yellow, because in Russia it stands for issues such as infidelity and jealousy.

Fun fact about Russia

Russians love the sauna more than anything. That is why it is common to congratulate yourself warmly after going to the sauna or even after showering.

And when you have done everything right and are even invited to the locals' homes, you should be a good speaker, because long and many speeches are often given here at the table. Every new glass that is drunk is accompanied by a new and often extensive toast.

Box in India, the land of vegetarians

Can you imagine living in a caste society in which everyone is “pigeonholed” from birth that cannot be escaped all of one's life? That's how it is in India Still common at least in many areas of social life. Originating from Hinduism, in the Indian caste system all people are assigned to a caste at birth, according to which one has to choose one's profession, one's partner and sometimes even one's place of residence. This system is still very strictly followed, especially in rural areas. The members of different castes have very little to do with each other in normal life, with one exception: when Holi Festival strangers of different classes become friends and throw colored powder at each other. Under the brightly colored powder, all people are equal, and the social classes are suspended for a few days!

The caste usually still determines occupation, place of residence and partner

If you are a guest in this colorful country, you should also adhere to some forms of courtesy: When entering holy places, but also when you are invited into an Indian's apartment, you should take off shoes. And when it comes to food, there are a few more things to know in India: This is how many Indians are for religious reasons vegetarian. Some animals like cows, elephants, monkeys, and even rats are sacred. Also in India it is used often eaten by handbut by no means with the left!

Japan - from bows to toilet shoes

One of the most important customs in Japan is the greeting ritual. Visitors must be careful when greeting Bow as low as the host. If this is not the case, the host regards it as humiliation. When you enter the house afterwards, don't forget to take off your street shoes, because the Japanese love their floors to be clean! However, it may seem a bit exaggerated to Europeans that the slippers that are common in Japan have to be changed again when entering the bathroom. Yes, you read that right, almost everyone in Japan owns separate toilet shoesthat are worn when visiting the quiet place. This bizarre rule is actually quite logical, as the Japanese make a strict distinction between “clean” and “unclean” places.

Chinese table manners

Anyone planning a trip to China should be forewarned, because the customs there, at least in the more rural regions, are completely opposite to those of the Germans. You may have heard it before: In China it is commonplace to smack your lips, sip or even blow your nose at the table. Hard to imagine here in Germany, but in China the table manners that we believe are impossible are a sign of respect and courtesy.

If you don't make any noises while eating, you don't like it

So if you don't make any noises while eating, you won't like it. It's that simple. And if you don't leave anything on your plate here, it means that you are still hungry and would like more. In China, don't be afraid to do it properly spit on the floor, because that is considered completely normal there. On the occasion of the world-famous sporting games in Beijing, however, the government tried to stop the spitting so as not to scare off foreign guests. With little success, because the Chinese believe that swallowing phlegm is unhealthy.

Pub rules in the UK

Everyone who likes to go to a pub inGreat Britain want to go, should know: The first course leads directly to the counter, because you can wait a long time for a waitress, which is not available in British pubs.

The landlord doesn't get a tip

It is also important that you say precisely what you want. So don't just order a beer, for example, a “pint of lager.” Payment is made immediately after the order, but the landlord does not receive a tip. Instead, you can show your appreciation by serving the host a beer, which he then drinks later at your expense.

Colorful tradition in Thailand

InThailand a completely different custom is used - a tradition from Hindu mythology. This says that each god is assigned a certain planet and a certain color. According to an astrological formula then result Colors for every day of the week. Thus the color yellow stands for Monday, pink for Tuesday, on Wednesday green is trendy, Thursday orange, Friday blue, Saturday purple and finally red on Sunday. However, not all Thais always dress in the right color on weekdays.

Pearl necklaces in Kenya

Did you know that in Kenya it is considered particularly polite not to look the other person in the eye while talking? You should show respect especially to the elderly by Avoid contact with eyes. Generally speaking, people in Kenya often communicate in an interesting way. Some Kenyans from certain tribal groups show an interest in the opposite sex, for example through their own Pearl jewelrywhich sends out special messages depending on the color, shape and presentation.

A wrong hand sign - fatal consequences

The well-known "Victory" sign also makes for one or two faux pas. It is often used as a sign of victory and stands for peace, but in some countries it is also used to insult, so you should be very careful with this gesture. While the Americans don't care whether you stretch your index and middle fingers up like a V and show the back of your hand or not, the Australians see it differently. In Australia, the "Victory" sign without the back of the hand means "You can do me" or the "double finger" - of course that is the opposite of peace.

USA - No alcohol in public places

Completely normal for us: A cool after-work beer in the park or a little sparkling wine before going to the club. In other countries, however, it looks very different. The American authorities are no joke about alcohol on the street. If you wander around on the sidewalk with a beer bottle, you often get horrified looks from other passers-by. Alcohol in public simply doesn't belong in the USA! In Russia and Poland, too, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in train stations and other public places, but here both eyes are often turned a blind eye.

France - kiss on the right, kiss on the left

If you've ever been allowed to travel to the land of love, you may have noticed: The French have their own Greeting ritual. Usually you greet each other with two kisses on the cheek, starting on the right side. In Provence and in the east of the country, however, the French prefer to kiss left first and in some regions there is even a single cheek kiss. Pretty confusing if you ask me! Incidentally, in France it is perfectly normal for men to talk to "La bise" welcome. Especially with young men and close friends, cheek kisses as a greeting are more than usual.

Hand kiss in Poland

Have you ever been with a Hand kiss welcomed? What has not been the norm in Germany for decades is still completely normal in Poland today. If you want to pay special respect to a woman when greeting you, you greet her with a kiss on the hand. Since the Poles are generally a very polite people, the hand is of course not slapped directly, but the kiss is only hinted at.

Rain dance in Namibia

While we sadly disappear into the houses in Germany, a heavy rain shower in Namibia is a special one reason to celebrate. When the rain falls in Namibia, there is no stopping the people: children and adults storm the streets and dance in the rain and in puddles. The rain ultimately brings with it fertility and growth. Whole families meet up to celebrate the rain. We should cut a slice of it, don't you think so?

Yes or no? What now?

Warning, you can get confused here very quickly! In many places there is a difference in the interpretation of “yes” and “no” compared to Germany and other European countries. In most countries you nod your head to say yes. In Bulgaria on the other hand, by shaking your head, you agree to your counterpart and with a nod you convey a negative. No wonder it gets between vacationers and locals very quickly Misunderstandings comes. With a little practice, however, you should get the hang of it. The situation is similar in India and Pakistan. To confirm something there with “yes”, the residents rock their heads back and forth. In Ethiopia you even throw your head back to say "yes". In Greece, as well as in Arab countries and Turkey, however, you should make sure that this head movement means "No". To get in Japan To deny something, you don't shake your head as in Germany, but wave your hand like a windshield wiper in front of your face.

Quite bizarre, isn't it?

Of course there are a lot more bizarre ones Manners in the countries of this world - Japan alone has a long list of bizarre habits, but if I would introduce you all, there would probably be no end in sight. I hope I was able to introduce you to the rituals of the individual countries and give you some exciting facts. In addition, I can only recommend that you familiarize yourself with the customs of your travel destination before going on a trip, so that you can have a carefree stay in this country without any problems.

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