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BCA optimizes IT platform

Like the Oberursel broker poolBCA In the future, customer contracts and tariff information in the field of life and motor vehicle insurance can be imported into the in-house IT platform “Business plus” without manual effort. The first stage of "Insurance Contract Administration" is now in operation.

According to the BCA, the innovation should enable independent brokers to optimize and standardize their business processes. Time-consuming recording and management of customer and contract data will be significantly reduced. "This also significantly improves the data quality," explains BCA board member Dr. Jutta Krienke. In addition, there are no inquiries about contract details.

Making day-to-day business easier

According to the BCA, previous practice has made work more difficult in many cases. Since the brokers work with several insurers, they have to find their way around the respective IT systems of the individual providers. A clear overview has so far been almost impossible.

That caused time losses and additional costs. By optimizing processes with the help of a continuous, cross-company data transfer, the "BCA Insurance Contract Administration" is intended to create significant added value for the broker. BCA wants to increase the competitiveness of its partners and make day-to-day business easier.

Same data for brokers and insurers

This innovation is made possible by the "GDV data set" with its most uniform interface description currently on the market as a contribution to the harmonization of business processes within the insurance industry. Transferred data can therefore be accepted and further processed fully automatically. This means that the broker has the same data available as the insurer.

According to the BCA, the GDV data sets are already largely standardized in the area of ​​life insurance. In the case of missing GDV data records, the broker pool writes "translation programs" and summarizes the data by recognizing and combining different standards. In the property insurance sector in particular, the delivery of data is therefore still incomplete and creates major challenges as a result. (jb)

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