Will Microsoft employees receive a refund for their phone bills?

Ever had a Microsoft representative on the phone trying to help you delete viruses from your computer? Beware, scammers are at work here! In the end you will only be asked to checkout! At the moment, a particularly large number of those affected are contacting us again.

  1. Alleged Microsoft employees want to help consumers to rid their computers of viruses and Trojans.
  2. The fraudsters use software to gain access to the computers and charge up to 250 euros for their "service".
  3. Those affected should quickly disconnect their computer from the network and have it checked, change their passwords and file a criminal complaint with the police.
Status: January 18, 2021

Consumers repeatedly receive phone calls from alleged Microsoft employees who want to help solve a computer problem. But in the end, those affected are only asked to pay. The scam is known as "Microsoft Technical Support Calls".

Called and ripped off by Microsoft?

Callers claim that consumers' personal computers are infected with viruses or Trojans, for example, and that they are supposed to fix these computer problems. If the person concerned follows the instructions by telephone and plays troubleshooting software on the PC, the fraudsters gain direct access to his computer.

Often the callers speak English with an accent or only broken German. In addition to the fake calls, the fraudsters are now also increasingly using emails, infected websites and pop-ups.

Victims should transfer up to 250 euros for an alleged repair. If payment is not made, the perpetrators threaten to delete computer data, block access or hijack the computer entirely and gain access to sensitive data such as account details and passwords. Ms. S. from Hamburg described her experiences as follows:

"HToday, by 4 p.m. alone, I received 5 calls that were supposed to be from Windows. A few months ago I fell for it, took the call that had callers remove supposed malicious viruses from my computer. Fortunately, I don't have a Visa card, so I couldn't provide any bank details. My PC was locked with a password out of anger. I had to take it to a computer store where, thank god, the files could be backed up. But it wasn't easy even for the professionals in the store.So now the criminals are active again. "

Microsoft claims that consumers never call unsolicited to repair defective devices. Even in response to official support inquiries, assistance is provided almost exclusively by email. In addition to filing a criminal complaint, you can also inform Microsoft directly about the incident.

  • If you receive such a call, end the call immediately.
  • Disconnect your computer from the Internet as soon as possible if the software has already been installed on it.
  • Then give the calculator to professionals to have it checked carefully.
  • Change important access data and passwords immediately, for example for online banking or mail accounts.
  • File a criminal complaint with the police. Make a note of the caller's number for this.