What makes Romanian girls so beautiful

Translation of "a beautiful girl" in Romanian

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Anger that a beautiful girl has destroyed.
I chose well for you a beautiful girl, strong.
Now you guys can start talking rubbish a beautiful girl to impress.
It's almost a criminal, so a beautiful girl treat like that.
I just wanted a beautiful girl find, be with her and make her happy.
At the vrut doar să găsesc o fată frumoasă și să fiu cu ea și s-o fac fericită.
Seems like a real criminal, like that a beautiful girl treat like that.
I was nothing more than a guy in a beautiful girl is in love.
They are very ... attractive to ... a beautiful girl with a great body.
Kilgrave wanted a leather jacket, a cello player, and a beautiful girlthat adores him.
Kilgrave vroia o geaca de piele, muzica live, și sa fraiereasca o fata draguța.
The problem is he thinks a beautiful girl like you don't want to know anything from a guy like him.
Problemă este, el crede că o fată drăguță că ține, nu vă merge pentru un țip că el.
Really? she is a beautiful girl and she's here at the community center.
He meets on the first evening in town a beautiful girl
So we don't have time a beautiful girl to search.
He sees a beautiful girl, the Punjabi gets completely out of hand
If you now a beautiful girl meet and she asks about your job, what do you say then?
You are a beautiful girl with a great, gullible disposition, but a lot of guys are going to take advantage of that.
știu, ești o fata frumoasa, cu o minunata încredere în oameni dar multi tipi profita de asta.
If someone a beautiful girl on the street sees where should he press "like"?
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