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Getting rid of old books: all options at a glance

Find out where and how you can best sell or dispose of old books - or what other alternatives are available.

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provide overview

If your book collection is over 50 copies, chances are you won't even know what you have. So take your books out of the boxes and shelves and collect them in one central location. Take a close look at each book and consider why you want to keep it. We often associate certain books with a specific time in our life and want to keep them as a reminder. These books can stay. Everything so far only as Gap filler Served on the shelf, can safely be sorted out. Then take part in a batch To keep and To give away. Then you can sell, give away and dispose of it.

tip: Turn the books through again before sending them away. You never know what you put in or wrote down 5 or 10 years ago.

Selling old books

If you see all your old books in front of you, in the boxes, on the shelves, in the baskets, you will first think of all the money that you invested in the collection back then. One would not like to give the mountains to books in vain. Fortunately, there are tons of ways these days to sell the old books for a profit. But before you get your hopes too high, you should check the books beforehand.

These books are likely to stop selling:

  • Old, well-worn books
  • Defective copies
  • Books with markings or stamps
  • Dirty or moldy books
  • Books without ISBN
  • Mass-produced goods such as simple beach reading or dime novels
  • Damaged books
  • Old versions of non-fiction books and other specialist publications

On the other hand, the following specimens sell well:

  • Current books from the last 10 to 20 years
  • Books with ISBN
  • Rare editions
  • Antiques
  • Current textbooks and dictionaries
  • Well-preserved children's books

If you have done a rough sorting in advance, it goes to the next step:

Compare prices

To get the best possible price, you should Compare different purchase options and providers. Pages such as Bonavendi or weraidmore.de are suitable for this.

Resellers like Momox and Rebuy are now offering practical smartphone apps with which you can easily scan the barcode of the books to get the current price. If a book cannot be found because no ISBN is printed, you may find it on the website: Buchhandel.de

There you can search for different versions of books by title or author. Otherwise, you might get a rough idea on platforms like eBay or Amazon, what the book is still worth in a used condition.

tip: It can be worthwhile to distribute the book collection to different providers. Sometimes the price range is several euros for a book, so it's worth the effort. Especially since the purchase limit with the large resellers at 10 € is very low.

Other buying portals:

Sell ​​books individually or as a whole?

When you're sorting out books, you usually have two options. Sell ​​them all at once or offer them for sale individually. The Bulk sales usually brings in less money than the dealer low unit prices numbers. But you are usually rid of all the books at once. On the other hand, if you sell the books on your own, you will earn more. But be careful: you should extra cost keep this in mind. Not just that the platforms Sales charges require you must for each shipment get the right shipping bag and at least drive or walk to the nearest mailbox. So in the end there might not be that much more left than with bulk sales. Especially since you have one enormous additional effort and the books sometimes stay with you for a long time.

tip: If the same book in a similar condition is already being offered by many other sellers, the chances are very high that it will be with you for a long time to come. In that case, you'd better go straight to it sell in a bundle.

Other ways to sell old books:

Flea markets

Here's a chance, too Books for sale without ISBN or even to sell them by the box.

Second-hand bookshops

If you have very old books about which you cannot find any information on the internet, it is best to go to a second-hand bookshop.

Flea market apps

Offer your old books as a bundle via flea market apps in the area to pick up yourself at.

Sales groups on social media

In such sales groups, there are often flea market dealers who buy old books en masse.

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Donate old books

It's always a little difficult with the book donation. Most of the time the books end up in the donation box, that are left over after the sale. Even the aid organizations usually cannot do anything with such copies. Especially since books do not top the lists of requirements among the donations in kind, clothing, food or school materials are much more required.

Therefore, before selling, think about which books make sense, in order to then donate them in a targeted manner. For example, school and children's books or language and dictionaries are much more needed than novels. This pre-sorting helps you to look specifically for organizations that would be happy to receive such a donation.

Below is a list of contact points in the larger cities:

If there is no organization in your immediate vicinity that accepts book donations, ask around in the neighborhood. The following institutions may be grateful for your old books:

  • Kindergartens
  • Prisons
  • Youth facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Asylum shelters
  • Social department stores
  • Parishes
  • Free shops

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Books: decorating instead of throwing away

Instead of asking what to do with old books, you might want to consider what to do with them. If you are sure that you will never look inside again, why not use them as decorative objects. A multitude of objects can be tinkered with from books. The classic comes to one of the Bedside table made from books in mind or an additional stool for the dining table. Particularly beautiful covers can exhibited in picture frames and decorate the wall from now on. Rather than getting unsightly books door stopper a second life. Also Secret hiding places Sorting out books for money or ID documents are conceivable. With the right folding technique, the books become beautiful eye-catchers all by themselves. The possibilities are almost unlimited, you can find the inspiration you need for the book creations on Pinterest or in blogs.


To deceive

There may be a copy in your book collection that someone else would like to have. And that person has a book that you haven't read yet. So before you just throw away old books, why not try get rid of them via a barter deal. First of all, you could ask your friends and acquaintances whether they are interested. If that doesn't work, try online. There are quite a number of them on the internet File sharing networks and forumsthat establish contact between those willing to swap.

Online book exchanges:


Giving away old books

Last but not least, there is still the option of giving away the old books. There are several options:

Classified ads

Classified ads are a great way to get rid of old clutter, as they are always popular with flea market sellers to find new goods. Don't just use the online offer, switch one too Advertisement in the local municipality gazette.

Gift markets

The municipal gift markets are free offers from waste management companies that work according to the motto “Giving away is better than disposing”. On the joint website you can find out about the gift markets in your state so that you can sell your old books there.

Circle of acquaintances

Before you dispose of the books, ask your friends again whether someone would like to take them for free.


Many municipalities have now set up public bookcases in central places in the city to exchange books anonymously and free of charge. A map with all bookcases in Germany can be found here.


The concept of bookcrossing is aligned against the dusting and senseless disposal of old books. Via the page you can give your book a unique one Tracking number allot and then release it, that is, place it somewhere in town. Once filed, other users or any number of passers-by can take the book with them and read it until they release it again at some point. This is how an exciting journey begins, which can always be tracked using the identification number.


Where can I dispose of old books?

If you really don't see any other way than to dispose of the books, this is the easiest thing to do over the normal paper bin. But first remove leather bindings and plastic envelopes or inserts such as CDs. You can use larger quantities bring it to the local recycling center.

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