Which bridges connect with Manhattan

New York's bridges

The Five boroughs from New York are through bridges and connected by tunnel because the heart Manhattan must be supplied with constant traffic of people and goods.

Today there are about 2000 bridges in New York.

The first bridges

Initially, from the end of the 19th century, Manhattan and Brookln in ?? connected.

Brooklyn Bridge - Suspension bridge since 1883, then a record, from Manhattan to Brooklyn. she is 1830 m long and has 6 lanes.

(300m wide East River
- pneumatic caissons (closed at the top and overpressure, diving disease only recognized 6 years later, hot and humid))

Williamsburg Bridge - Suspension bridge since 1903, from Manhattan to Brooklyn. she is 2230 m long and has 8 lanes.

(half construction time, 7 years)

Queensboro Bridge - Cantilever bridge since 1909, from Manhattan to Queens. she is 2470 m long and has 9 lanes on two decks.

(1900 - now Queens (only 300 thousand residents) - cantilever bridge, there is an island in the middle -> there 2 more pilons)

Manhattan Bridge - Suspension bridge since 1909, again from Manhattan to Brooklyn. she is 2090 m long and has 7 lanes and four subway tracks.

(again much less material due to new findings)

Othmar Ammann


(now the Hudson River, 1.5 km, 3 times as wide (?)
then came Otmar Amman with the new deflection theory (new structural theory)
-> George Washington Bridge, 1931!
doubles the length record!

now the Bronx is missing.
-> connect all three at once!
-> Triborough. East River Bridge is great. Black Friday.
Amann takes over in 1934. He turns four columns into two per tower. 07/11/1936 Inauguration.

and the Verazano Narrow Bridge)

Outerbridge Crossing - Cantilever bridges since 1929, from Staten Island over to New Jersey. she is 2680 m long and has ... 2nd level could be added!

Goethals Bridge - Cantilever bridges since 1929, from Staten Island over to New Jersey. she is 2160 m long and has ...

George Washington Bridge - Suspension bridge since 1931, the only bridge from Manhattan to New Jersey. she is 1450 m long and has an impressive 14 lanes on two decks.

Bayonne Bridge - Steel arch bridge since 1931, from Staten Island over to New Jersey. she is 2160 m long and has ...

then tie up the Bronx! W-W crisis. ?

Triborough Bridge - three bridges since 1936 connecting Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens. since 2008 the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge. to the world exhibition?

The bridges of New York

A great show from ZDF The bridges of New York, Repeat on Fri. 04/26/2013

  • Stream – (44:33, 2012) - Excellent !

Quite awesome adventure, from around 1865 ...

"History XXL with a historical foray through America From the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge to the six-lane Bronx-Whitestone Bridge and the two-story Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to the imposing George Washington Bridge - these bridges not only connect Manhattan with the New York districts or the state New Jersey, they are also the landmarks of the metropolis.

NY wanted to expand after the civil war.

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