Can you smoke in Dubai

Entry requirements for Dubai

Like the rest of the UAE, Dubai is an Islamic country. Introducing drugs, pornography and counterfeit money is severely punished and can result in not only heavy fines but also prison terms. Photos of scantily clad people may also be classified as pornographic images, even if the people depicted are of legal age and the photos are private. The definition of drugs includes not only substances such as cannabis or opium, but also, for example, poppy seeds. It is therefore recommended not to bring any food that contains poppy seeds. Pork and pork products such as salami and sausages are not available in the country and are also prohibited. Tobacco and tobacco products are allowed for adults, but there is an import limit of 2,000 cigarettes or 400 cigars or 2kg tobacco per person. If you do not belong to the Muslim religion, as an adult you may have up to two liters of wine and two liters of spirits with you. Please note, however, that you should neither smoke nor drink in public as a holidaymaker, as the Islam-based laws forbid this behavior - especially during Ramadan.

Further caution is advised with propaganda films, CDs or pamphlets that either offend the Muslim religion or contain political messages. It is to be expected that these will be checked upon entry and confiscated if they are found. The same goes for pirated films, music, or software. Ivory, fireworks, sculptures, games of chance, self-made food and e-cigarettes are generally not allowed to be imported, whereas weapons must be declared and approved at customs. You also need a permit if you bring food of animal origin, fruit or vegetables from home. Devices such as cell phones, cameras, televisions, strollers, wheelchairs, sports equipment and radios may be imported without a special permit. Foreign currencies are allowed up to a value of 40,000 AED (approx. 9,000 €), whereby only adults are allowed to carry the money with them.