Why are children so crazy

Children are allowed to play "crazy" occasionally


Children keep pushing their limits. With this behavior, you get to know your own willpower, responsibility, but also your own limits (e.g. physical) and those of others. At the latest when children can endanger themselves or others, parents must intervene with prohibitions ...

Occasionally, children have to be allowed to behave a bit weird. If the offspring suddenly shows "foolish behavior" or something is erratic, this is usually no cause for alarm. Psychologists then speak of exploring the limits. This behavior is necessary to develop willpower and personal responsibility.

Defiant phases or deviant behavior in children are mostly just episodes. Especially up to the age of six or seven, they can often be traced back to children's different conceptions of order and time.

In the "headless search for borders" by six to twelve year olds, however, parents might have to intervene with bans - and enforce them. However, gross, dangerous, and heartless mischief is also normal at this age. As a rule, no prognoses for later life can be derived from this.

If a child "freaks out" or shows aggression unusually often, parents should consult their pediatrician to clarify whether organic causes are responsible or whether a child and adolescent psychologist should be consulted.