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Cravings: What is behind it, what works against it

Incredibly craving for meat? An exhausted iron store in the body can be the reason.

Everyone knows that when suddenly a sheer irresistible desire after a certain Food comes up or the urgent need to eat something sweet or salty right away. It's not simple Food cravingsbut rather about signals from the body that it simply has too little of an important nutrient. So you should definitely give in to these cravings. But what do the different wishes mean - and how can they be satisfied without excess calories?

What does cravings for sweets mean?

If you crave candy of any kind, yours could be Blood sugar level to be out of balance. If you give in to this cravings now and cram cake, pralines, marzipan and caramel bars into yourself, it will only result in new food cravings. The blood sugar level goes on a roller coaster, so to speak. Other than that, sweets contain tons of calories.

Better: eat fruit, such as an apple or a pear. This also satisfies the desire for sweets. Nuts are also among them healthy snacks. And so that the blood sugar level remains constant over the long term: Avoid too long food breaks and prefer whole grain products in combination with vegetables and dairy products. The carbohydrates absorbed in this way stabilize the blood sugar level and prevent cravings.

Where does chocolate cravings come from?

The strong desire for chocolate could be with one Magnesium deficiency related. Chocolate offers minerals and antioxidants, but above all a lot of calories.

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So enjoy it best dark chocolate, which is particularly rich in the valuable ingredients, but contains a little less sugar. Also, eat foods rich in magnesium, such as nuts, fish, and leafy greens, on a regular basis.

What is behind cravings for salty food?

Stronger Appetite for salty food of all kinds, especially crisps, pretzel sticks and other snacks, indicate that you are under stress. Then the adrenal glands have to secrete a lot of cortisol. The production of this Stress hormone demands Salt and fat.

Try to reduce stress - for example with meditation and relaxation techniques. Even small steps have a big impact. Research by the University of Utah in Salt Lake City shows that anyone who was before Enjoy salty snacks pauses briefly and takes a few deep breaths, reducing the release of stress hormones by 25 percent and his salt craving by half.

How does cravings for meat arise?

who Cravings for steak, Meatballs and roasts are probably suffering from an iron deficiency. Mostly women are affected, who lose the trace element increasingly during menstruation. Higher meat consumption however, carries a number of health risks such as cancer and kidney problems. Better: switch to legumes and dried fruits, they are also rich in iron. However, dried fruits are usually high in sugar, so a small amount is sufficient.

Why is there a sudden appetite for cheese?

If someone is already thinking of a pizza or Lasagna with a lot of cheese the water in your mouth is often caused by a fatty acid deficiency. There are specifically missing Omega-3 fatty acidsthat not only provide energy, but also offer some protection against vascular disease, cancer and joint inflammation.

However, because cheese does not contain omega-3 fatty acids, but animal fats, which damage the vessels, especially in large quantities, you should switch to the best sources of omega-3 fats: fatty sea fish such as salmon, walnuts, linseed and high-quality vegetable oils.

Tips against cravings

Basically, most of them are Food cravings Signals from the body that it is dehydrated. If you have a sweet tooth and drink a large glass of water or unsweetened tea first, you are likely giving your body exactly what it needs and relieving its cravings. Wait half an hour - then the cravings are probably gone. Many people plagued by cravings also help brushing their teeth or chewing gum with a mint flavor to dispel the cravings.

Physical activity can also reduce the desire for sweets. Walking fast for 15 minutes should help to avoid chocolate bars, pralines and the like. This is the result of a study by researchers at the University of Exeter in Great Britain. According to the scientists, physical activity could influence neuronal messengers that help fight addictions. If you exercise 30 minutes a day, you can not only do a lot for your physical and mental health, but also have an easier time regulating your energy intake.

Also adequate sleep Could protect against cravings: Scientific studies suggest a connection between length of sleep and obesity. To put it simply, it was shown that those who sleep little are fatter. Scientists cannot conclusively explain why this is so. One theory assumes that when you sleep less, appetite-increasing hormones gain the upper hand.

Evening cravings - what to do?

During the day you can even defy your colleague's brownies. But when twilight comes after work, there is no trace of control. The hunger pangs make their way and people feast as if there was no tomorrow: a well-known scenario for many people.

Cravings often set in in the evening when we have restrained ourselves too much while eating during the day. The blood sugar level plummets and the body craves carbohydrate-rich snacks by the end of the day at the latest. Another factor is habit. What we once come to love, we don't put aside any longer anytime soon. So if you always sit in front of the TV accompanied by the bag of chips, you can no longer give up the snack.

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Other causes of binge eating

Not only a lack of nutrients or a low blood sugar level, but also illness can be behind regular food cravings. Eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia, or a binge eating disorder are possible causes. A physical illness such as diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism or pregnancy can also be responsible.

If you have repeated food cravings with suspected eating disorders or diabetes, these points of contact may be of interest to you: