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Miracles in the bible

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Whether the multiplication of bread or healings - the Bible is full of miracle stories. Here is a little compilation.


With Moses we encounter the first great miracles: God appears to him in a burning bush, numerous plagues such as locusts, darkness, the Nile turns to blood come over the Egyptians. The Red Sea divides so the people of Israel can pass through and comes back to destroy the Egyptian army. In the desert, God provides the people with quail falling from the sky and manna. More of that? Can be read in Exodus.


Miracles are also attributed to Moses' successor, Joshua. So he is said to have led the people through the Jordan with dry feet. Under his direction, the walls of Jericho were also brought down by the sound of trumpets. Also strange is the story in which Joshua uses his word to make the sun stand still.


Many miracles in particular are told of the prophets Elisa and Elijah in the books of kings: With God's help, the two heal people, multiply flour and oil, conjure rain and bring the dead to life. Some of these stories sound very magical. Read them once in your confectionary group. What do you think of that?


Miracles are also ascribed to the prophet Daniel. He and his friends are said to have been miraculously saved from the lions' den and the fiery furnace because they held fast to God.


Most of the miracles of Jesus are reported in the New Testament: He heals the blind and the deaf and makes the paralyzed can walk again. Perhaps you know the story of the five loaves of bread and two fish with which he fed 5,000 people, or the story of how he calmed the storm. He also brought the dead to life. With all these miracles it is shown: In Jesus God's power breaks into the world.

The apostles

Even after Jesus' death and resurrection, miracles are reported: At Pentecost, flames come from heaven and people of all nations understand what Peter is saying. Peter and John heal a paralyzed man, Paul experiences a miraculous calling, and Paul and Silas are freed from prison with heavenly help. The message of Jesus continues. The Spirit moves His disciples to do incredible things.

of Germans believe in miracles

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To the question "What is a miracle for you?"

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